Opening Day Reactions

The show floor at Channel Partners opened Wednesday night to a large crowd of partners and more than 130 vendors. PHONE+ spoke to a few of the exhibitors about new products and programs as well as their support for the indirect channel and the exclusive industry event — the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Hear […]

Channel Partners Expo Lights Up South Beach

Posted: 11/2003 Channel Partners Expo Lights Up South Beach Photos UNE-P champions InfoHighway Communications Inc. The crowd at TMC Communications’ booth Xspedius Communications stays busy The packed "Point/Counterpoint" session Sales Dynamics’ Stu Kolinsky Previous Page | Next page

PARTNER CHANNEL: Cooperative Sales Put Channel Partners  In With The ‘In Crowd’

Posted: 6/2003 Cooperative Sales Put Channel Partners  In With The ‘In Crowd’ By Tara Seals US LEC’s Dennis Patti Far from the days of being the 100-pound weakling in a class of direct sales jocks, today’s channel partners are cool guys to have around for efficiency-minded service providers. It started when agents and partners began […]

Just for CICs

Posted: 05/1998 Just for CICs Switchless Resellers Join the PSTN Crowd By Ken Branson Just as the U.S. Postal Service uses names, addresses and ZIP codes to identify and sort mail, the public switched telecommunications network (PSTN) uses carrier identification codes (CICs) to sort out telecommunications traffic. "CICs are used to ‘mark’ the carrier of […]

Standing Out in a Crowd

Posted: 02/1998 Standing Out in a Crowd The long distance market is a pretty crowded place. And with the entry of new satellite concerns, Internet telephony providers, resellers of all stripes, and–perhaps sooner than we all expected–the former Bell companies, it’s only going to get worse. On the up side, it’s the little guys that […]

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