Beyond Lip Service

Posted: 04/2002 Beyond Lip Service By Peter Lambert IF ONLY THE SERVICE REP knew the customer on the phone already tried service X but might well be open to a service Y pitch at this moment. If only the channel partner knew a customer on his contact list for today suffered a painful service outage […]

Business News – TMNG Boosts Services in Weathersby Merger

Posted: 11/2000 TMNG Boosts Services in Weathersby Merger By Josh Long The Management Network Group Inc. (, a telecom and e-business management consultant firm, has announced it has acquired The Weathersby Group (, which will enhance its standing in the provision of customer relationship management (CRM) services. Financial terms of the acquistion were not disclosed. […]

Tender Loving Customer Care

Posted: 01/2000 Tender Loving Customer Care Telcos Warm to Customer Relationship Management By James R. Dukart The most important element in today’s competitive carrier network cannot be found in a CO or purchased from a hardware or software vendor. That element, in fact, cannot really be purchased at all. That element, plainly and simply, is […]

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