Channel: Can I Get Some Credit?

For the most part, solution providers are reporting business as usual in light of the economic crises plaguing America these past few months. However, stories are beginning to surface about credit lines getting yanked and therefore killing financing for a deal. Not only might spending begin to change, partners also can expect a change in […]

InterCall Introduces CrisisConnect, MeetingSense

Two new InterCall products, CrisisConnect and MeetingSense, which launched to InterCall’s wholesale organization this summer, are being showcased for agents at the Fall 2008 Channel Partners Expo. CrisisConnect Online, a Web-based critical communication tool powered by MIR3, takes control of messaging, allowing connections with employees, customers, vendors or PR and legal teams in a moment’s […]

Collaborative: INDUSTRY NEWS

Posted: 8/2003 INDUSTRY NEWS ILD Acquires Chicago Conference Call Company ILD Telecommunications Inc., a privately held multiservice telecom firm, announced the acquisition of two-year-old Chicago-based Ternion Conferencing LLC. Ternion offers audio and Web-based conferencing under the Ternion brand. ILD’s conferencing product, ROLLCALL Business Conferencing, offers a full suite of services — from reservationless conferencing to […]

Academics, Researchers Say UNE-P Prolonging Telecom Crisis

Four telecom experts said Tuesday local telephone regulations have stymied innovation, discouraged investment, created an artificial competitive model and “prolonged” an unprecedented meltdown in a sector that Wall Street now shuns. In a report the New Millennium Research Council issued today, five academics and researchers called on the FCC to scrap many of the unbundled […]

Bells: On the Verge of a Crisis or a Reclaimed Monopoly?

Posted: 011/2002 Bells: On the Verge of a Crisis or a Reclaimed Monopoly? By Josh Long THE BELLS INSIST UNFAIR REGULATORY policies are forcing them to subsidize their rivals and slash thousands of jobs, stemming innovation and the investment necessary to bolster broadband development across the country. Meanwhile, experts representing competitive service providers grappling to […]

A Crisis of Overconfidence

Posted: 10/2002 A Crisis of Overconfidence ONE BAD APPLE WON’T SPOIL THE WHOLE BUNCH. Try telling that to telecom service providers. They are suffering from guilt by association. Some, such as indirect sales partners, are suffering more so than others, including loss of commissions, loss of business and loss of integrity. (click here for tips […]

Corporate Oversight Bill Passed in Wake of Telecom Crisis

The corporate oversight bill the Congress passed Thursday is certain to result in more regulation in a beleaguered industry, but it could restore investor confidence in an industry whose reputation has been sullied during the past year.

Identity Crisis

Posted: 03/2000 Driven by regulation, emerging competition and strong bandwidth demand, U.S. long-distance carriers have significantly expanded their fiber optic networks over the past three years. As carriers complete national networks in 2001, building will shift to metro, local and last mile. Miles To Go Fiber Build Boooms – But for How Long? By Neil […]

Identity Crisis

Posted: 03/2000 Identity Crisis Should You Be A Reseller Or Distributor? By Neil S. Ende In the telecom world, perhaps more than any other, a company’s regulatory status may be determined as much by how the company describes itself as by how it operates. Providers of voice-grade services often are regulated, while providers of "enhanced […]

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