CommPartners Adds OSS, Billing to Wholesale VoIP

CommPartners LLC has enhanced its private label VoIP service to give its service provider customers access to a real-time rating, billing and provisioning system. The CommPartners Management System (CMS) OSS platform handles service delivery to billing, including a branded Web portal, and management reports and analyses of end-user activity. CommPartners CMS system also can create […]

Cordia Unveils Spanish-Language VoIP Service

Cordia Corp., a competitive carrier based in Florida, today unveiled VOZSIP, a Spanish-language VoIP service. Spanish-speaking people are a rapidly growing segment of the global population, said Gabriel Wainer, Cordias director of Latin markets. Users of telecommunications services in Spanish-speaking countries are highly mobile with an international focus making them valuable customers. VOZSIP was created […]

PAETEC Helps VoIP Providers Comply with 911 Rules

PAETEC Communications Inc. said yesterday it has created a transport service that helps VoIP providers comply with looming federal requirements regarding emergency 911 access. PAETEC says its Emergency Access Transport Service will allow VoIP providers to use its dedicated T1s to terminate emergency calls to the appropriate PSAP in the callers location. A PSAP is […]

FCC Creates VoIP E911 Task Force

As VoIP providers inch closer to the November deadline mandating E911 service for Internet calls, the FCC this created a task force on E911 enforcement. Kevin Martin, FCC chairman, said the FCC-NARUC Task Force on VoIP Enhanced 911 enforcement will include staff from the FCC and State Public Utility Commissions. Those members will work with […]

Verizon Makes Another Move for MCI

Verizon Communications Inc. has agreed to purchase 43.4 million shares of MCI Inc. common stock for $25.72 per share from eight entities affiliated with billionaire Carlos Slim Helu in the fight between Verizon and Qwest Communications International Inc. to acquire MCI. While this was an opportunity for us to purchase a block of shares under […]

Soap Box: Not All Contracts are Created Equal

Posted: 3/2004 Not All Contracts are Created EqualBy Jim Gledhill and Bill Power Jim Gledhill Bill Power Some lessons are very expensive to learn. Heres one for agents compliments of the Agent Alliance: Your contracts with your providers are among the most important documents you will ever sign. The Agent Alliance was formed six years […]

Martin Group Creates Product Management Team

Telecom engineering, consulting and OSS solutions provider Martin Group Inc. has put together a new product management team to oversee product strategy and investment. Eric Feibelman will lead the group. The company created the team after it recently reorganized its software into four product lines — a Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) solution for competitive […]


Posted: 8/2003 Overheard… "Since January 1 of 2002, U.S. taxpayers have shelled out millions of dollars to keep afloat WorldCom/MCI, which is the poster child for ’90s-style corporate corruption in America. These inappropriate and outrageous contracts include the $45 million ‘sweetheart’/no-bid job that WorldCom/MCI was handed to rebuild the Iraqi cell phone system." –Will Thomas, […]

Don’t Fall for the Myth of Stability

Posted: 09/2002 Don’t Fall for the Myth of Stability By Phil Jacobson THE BOOM-BUST CYCLE WE’VE seen from 1995 to today is the result of the incredible realization that the way information is passed from brain to brain on this planet has gone through a transformation. Now the boom phase is over and the bust […]

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