DSL Fights Back

Posted: 05/2002 DSL Fights Back Resellers Place New Bets on High-Speed Access TechnologyBy Khali Henderson EVERYONE SEEMS TO AGREE 2001 was a bad year for DSL. Deteriorating public perception, decreasing growth rates and the demise of many DLECs made it the underdog of the data world. Understandably, many DSL resellers — ISPs, IXCs and CLECs […]


Posted: 04/2002 The following is a list of companies and organizations and their website addresses mentioned in this issue. Access Data Now www.accessdatanow.comAllegiance Telecom Inc. www.algx.comAmdocs Ltd. www.amdocs.comAmerican Fiber Systems www.americanfibersystems.comArbinet-thexchange www.thexchange.comAtlas Communications www.atlascomm.netATOGA Systems www.atoga.comAT&T Corp. www.att.comBellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.comBroadview Networks www.broadviewnet.comCable & Wireless plc In-Stat Group www.instat.comCoastal Connections Corp. www.coastalconnectionscorp.comCogent Communications Inc. www.cogentco.comCommunications […]

Business News – DSL Wholesalers Reinventing Themselves

Posted: 04/2001 DSL Wholesalers Reinventing Themselves By Becky Bracken Faced with unfavorable market conditions, fierce competition from incumbents and an ever-shrinking pool of ISP distribution channels, DSL wholesalers are going through an inevitable period of reinvention. But in an industry where demand is high and continues to grow, smart data LECs (DLECs) that can seize […]

Regulatory News – Adds, Moves & Changes

Posted: 12/2000 Adds, Moves & Changes * Terremark Worldwide Inc. (, a Miami-based telecom infrastructure and value-added services provider, has elected Jose Maria Figueres-Olsen, former president of Costa Rica, to its board of directors. Figueres-Olsen was president of Costa Rica from 1994 to 1998. He led the country through several IT programs, and is expected to […]

Wholesale: Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews

Posted: 11/2000 Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews By Judy Reed Smith and Nick Regas DSL. It was a brilliant idea: Widen the bandwidth spectrum over the same copper wire that telephones already use enabling data and voice data to travel simultaneously at high speeds. It could not have happened at a better time. Demand […]

Business News – BellSouth to Share With NorthPoint

Posted: 08/2000 BellSouth to Share With NorthPoint BellSouth Corp. (, an Atlanta-based RBOC, has agreed to share its telephone lines with NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. (, a competing broadband services provider based in San Francisco. The lines in BellSouth’s nine-state region–Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee–could be used for […]

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