PHONE+ Unveils Certification Site, Program

PHONE+ magazine today introduced its training and certification site, CSP Certified, a sister portal to the new Converged Solutions Providers (CSP) Network. CSP Certified offers the industry a new brand of training to help partners become successful converged solutions providers. The curriculum, presented by PHONE+, CSP Network and training experts IPXConnect and Telecom Solution Center, […]

Time Out

I was tempted to rerun my comments from last month, Bells Win Another Round. By simply adding the word, Again, to the title and changing all the verb tenses from future to past, the piece stands. Of course, I am referring to the FCCs swift move to deregulate DSL access (see this story). The Aug. […]

Big Brains Need Big Pipes

Traditionally a big hardware show, SUPERCOMM has taken on a new look - something akin to the Consumer Electronics Show - in its final incarnation. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but certainly CPE and mobility devices were displayed en masse in booths emblazoned with the trapping of MTV-esque mass marketing - bold graphics, electronic music and dancing. […]

Qwest Backs Out of Fight for MCI

After months of back-and-forth offers to try and buy MCI Inc., Qwest Communications International Inc. has pulled out of the fight for the ailing carrier, which stands to be acquired by Verizon Communications Inc. Qwest Chairman and CEO Richard Notebaert at a shareholders meeting yesterday told attendees, [W]e arent looking at MCI. Thats over. Notebaert […]

Enterprises Stay on Course with Managed Services

Outsourcing sections of IT infrastructure that are difficult to maintain or require expensive manpower and constant vigilance has become more common as enterprises with unwieldy corporate structures look to focus on core competencies and steer towards top-line revenue, rather than getting blown off course by stormy back-end operations requirements. Managed services and the need to […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: RETAIL NEWS

Posted: 3/2003 RETAIL NEWS Blackstone Launches Prepaid Traffic School By Tara Seals Blackstone Calling Card Inc. added prepaid online traffic school to its suite of prepaid products and services. The service is available in Florida and will roll out nationwide by the third quarter. "Approximately 3.5 million tickets are issued each year in the state […]

Wholesale: DSL Provider Stays Course

Posted: 10/2000 DSL Provider Stays Course By Khali Henderson and Ken Branson Following the merger of its wholesale DSL business with that of megacarrier Verizon Communications (, NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. ( expects to bolster its carrier’s carrier strategy by doubling the coverage and resources for improved support services. The companies expect the deal to […]

Regulatory News – IXCs, LECs Plot New Access Charges Course

Posted: 09/1999 IXCs, LECs Plot New Access Charges Course By Kim Sunderland Two of the nation’s largest long distance carriers have joined with four local exchange carriers (LECs) on a plan to revamp the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) access charge rules. The proposal, submitted to the FCC in late July, would bring together two usually […]

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