Telstra Offers Private-Network VoIP

Telstra Inc., a service provider, today unveiled T-VoIP, its version of IP telephony, for sale to companies worldwide.“T-VoIP is based on Telstra’s global IP VPN platform that is backed by our service level agreements,” says Dan Kerth, president and COO of Telstra. “Companies can combine voice and data traffic to maximize their return on investment and […]

T-Mobile USA Ranks in Customer Care

The results of the 2004 Customer Care Performance Study released by J.D. Power and Associates ranks T-Mobile USA (Booth 303) highest among national carriers, by a significant margin. T-Mobile says their high ranking is because they give their customers more minutes, more features and more service. The 2004 J.D. Power and Associates Customer Care Performance […]

Not Necessarily News

SAD at Work White-collar workers increasingly suffer from communication overload that leads to stress, anger and distraction (SAD), according to research by Britain’s University of Surrey. Commissioned by Siemens, the study also found demand for instant, constant communication has degraded business etiquette and bred resentment of intrusion and brought about “the advent of the SAD […]

PlanetOne Demonstrates AgencyLogic Platform

During the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, PlanetOne Communications Inc. (Booth 608) will demonstrate for the first time Logicware’s AgencyLogic platform it has released to its agents around the country. The software lets agents quote voice, data and IP circuits online, electronically submit orders, self-populate carrier forms, automatically send welcome letters to new clients, check […]

Channel Partners News – Channel Partners Announces Keynote

Channel Partners Announces Keynote By Tara Seals The Channel Partners Conference & Expo has lifted the curtain on its keynote speaker: Bob Eubanks. Scheduled to speak from 1:15 to 2 on March 22 at the Mandalay Bat Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Bob Eubanks will bring the partner community a fresh perspective on success. […]

India Connection Comes to U.S.

Posted: 11/2003 India Connection Comes to U.S. Like its European predecessors, Data Access America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Data Access India Ltd., is bringing termination into its home country to the States. Since doing so in May, the carrier has cut termination rates to India by nearly 50 percent over previous lows. Why […]

Chinese Companies Look Abroad

Over the last few years, tech giants, including the world’s largest telecommunications equipment makers, have aimed to establish or expand relationships in a country where the majority of people still don’t own a phone: China. Despite remarkable growth in a country that feeds about four times as many people — 1.3 billion mouths — as […]

Broadband Deregulation

Posted: 3/2003 Broadband Deregulation: WILL INDEPENDENT ISPS FALTER? By Josh Long Deregulation of broadband services could hamstring the ability of ISPs to negotiate favorable rates with the Bells, potentially leaving a fleet of Internet providers without access to the high-speed pipes the country’s largest telephone operators control, some industry-watchers say. "It’s game over for independent […]

The Road Less Traveled: Former Harley-Davidson Exec Speaks at ASCENT

In Yellowstone National Park, the Badlands of South Dakota or Daytona Beach, Fla., a plumber, a hairdresser and a CEO riding their Harley-Davidsons across the country are comrades. Whether roaring past a herd of bison on the plains near Mt. Rushmore or buzzing by a fleet of beach bums, their ride transcends gender, social class […]

Big Pipes in Indian Country

Forget Africa and China, one of the world’s most underserved populations is right here in the United States. Native American tribal nations are eying broadband access as the key to sustainable economic growth, and the Federal Communications Commission ( and infrastructure companies finally are ready to partner in the initiative, speakers said Thursday at The […]

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