ASCENT: BillSoft Announces EZTax International

Following requests for international taxation support from its existing EZTax client base, BillSoft Inc. (Booth 404) today announced its EZTAx International is commercially available. EZTax International was announced last spring. Presently there are 76 countries covered by EZTax International, including the United States, Canada and many European countries (see list). "Customers of EZTax International will […]

In Box

Posted: 09/2002 In Box Correction Some details on AccuLinQ calling card rates were misreported in July’s article, "Death of Travel Cards Greatly Exaggerated." While the AccuLinQ card has a 4.9 "local access" rate and an 8.9 "national access" rate, both rate plans use only 800 access. The rate billed (4.9 cents or 8.9 cents) is […]

Carrier Channel: Fertile Ground

Posted: 06/2002 Fertile Ground By Fred DawsonTHERE’S NO DOUBT A COMBINATION of foot dragging in telecom deregulation worldwide and the collapse of big carrier initiatives in the international market has complicated life for anyone looking to provide global voice and data services to stateside enterprise customers. These complications mask the fact that, for the smart […]

Wholesale: IP, Latin America Emerge as Major Growth Markets

Posted: 01/2001 IP, Latin America Emerge as Major Growth Markets By James R. Dukart The move to IP as a transport mechanism and the growth of market minutes to Latin American countries are considered the major boons to international wholesalers and resellers. According to ATLANTIC-ACM Inc. ( wholesale market analyst Taher Bouzayen, research shows that […]

Ich Bin Ein Prepaid Provider

Posted: 10/2000 Ich Bin Ein Prepaid Provider By Tara Seals In contrast to the highly saturated market for telephony services in the United States, going international presents a huge opportunity. And industry players are saying prepaid service may be the way to break in.If the ICP anthem is “Be Everything,” then the would-be global player […]

Long Distance – JDS Invests in Oracle and Rockwell

Posted: 06/2000 JDS Invests in Oracle and Rockwell JD Services Inc. (, a provider of telecommunications products and services, has teamed with Oracle Technology Network and Rockwell Electronic to implement a multimillion dollar upgrade for the database system and customer service software.The deal helps JDS meet its goal to print a million prepaid phone cards […]

FCC Eases International Settlements Regulation

Posted: 06/1999 FCC Eases International Settlements Regulation By Kim Sunderland he Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved sweeping reform of the international settlements policy, deregulating settlement arrangements between U.S. carriers and foreign nondominant carriers on competitive routes. In a Report & Order adopted April 15 in Docket No. IB-98-148, the FCC unanimously approved lifting international […]

Resale Channel: Europe: ISRs’ Wonderland

Posted: 05/1999 Europe: ISRs’ Wonderland By Robert Rosenberg Beleaguered on all sides by hungry new carriers, hostile regulators and unsentimental customers, the former European monopoly service providers–the PTTs–have been affected by deregulation in unexpected ways. Most have had to slash long distance prices more than three times the anticipated 15 percent to 20 percent. (Bonn, […]

What About the Rest of the World?

Posted: 04/1998 By Casey Freymuth Whether or not the world is a big place is debatable. Whether or not there is more to it than Europe, however, is not. Thus, the question: If most of the international telecommunications community is focused on Europe, how does one shop the rest of the world for wholesale rates? […]

Being There If You’re Not Global

Posted: 02/1998 By Kathleen Franklin The holidays are over. Thanks to El Niqo, there are freak snowstorms in Guadalajara, and, in most of the rest of North America, winter has dug its heels sharply and grimly into the landscape. On the policy front, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is two years old, and the new […]

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