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Company Name: NBC Solutions Corp. How long have you been reading PHONE+?: About 15 years  Why do you read PHONE+?: It’s Informative, it gives me the inside scoop about my competitors. Where did you work in 1987?: Savin Corporation What was your title in 1987?: Sales Manager What do you remember most about 1987?: It […]

Arizona Corporation Commission Approves SBC-AT&T Merger

The Arizona Corporation Commission on Friday approved the merger of SBC Communications Inc. and AT&T Corp. The step completes regulatory reviews in 35 of 36 states with clearance processes. The merger is expected to close later this year.

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Posted: 2/2002 BACK OFFICE  Back Office Links BizTelOne www.biztelone.comCIMA Telecom Inc. www.interdata.netCIMCO Communications Inc. www.cimco.netConvergys Corp. www.convergys.comDSET Corporation www.dset.comEUR Systems www.eursystems.comFrance Telecom www.francetelecom.comHewlett-Packard Co. www.hp.comHighDeal Inc. www.highdeal.comIDC www.IDC.comIlluminet www.illuminet.comIntec Telecom Systems www.intec-telecom-systems.comNeuStar Inc. Corp. www.peoplesoft.comSprint Corp. www.sprint.comTelecom PARTNERS SA Telution Inc. Verizon Communications Inc.  

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