Not Necessarily News

Posted: 11/2000 Overheard … … at the AgENt Conference and Expo in New Orleans … "As complicated as [wireless] seems, remember it’s simply radio. I call it Marconi in the millennium." –Keith Ferris, FerrisCom (www. /I> Play Ball Rogers Communications Inc. (www. has agreed to purchase a controlling interest in Toronto Blue Jays […]

Business News – BUSINESS NEWS

Posted: 05/2000 BUSINESS NEWSTeleCon, InformationView Enter Teaming AgreementTeleCon LLC ( and InformationView Corp. ( have signed an agreement for TeleConSB, a division of TeleCon LLC, to use InformationView’s applications as one of its platform solutions. TeleConSB provides a full range of services to clients for the management and control of telecommunication costs.The agreement allows TeleConSB […]

Sprint Takes ASP Route, Too

Posted: 12/1999 Sprint Takes ASP Route, Too By Ken Branson Like its competitors–namely Qwest Communications International Inc., Denver–Sprint Corp. soon will become an applications service provider (ASP). It has formed an alliance with Deloitte Consulting, New York, to offer applications hosting services to corporate customers. The "alliance" stops short of a joint venture, but may […]

Moving Corporate Solutions Into the Cloud

Posted: 09/1999 Moving Corporate Solutions Into the Cloud By Pamela Thompson Enhanced services typically have been structured as independent service offerings by separate business units within a single service provider. In a PTT, for instance, it is common for the wireless, Internet and wireline providers to each have implemented their own enhanced services solutions. These […]

ATM: A Contender for Corporate Networks

Posted: 03/1999 ATM: A Contender for Corporate Networks By Robert Rosenberg Today’s networks are in considerable turmoil, mostly due to market and political considerations rather than technological ones. However, the result of the turmoil is likely to lead to major changes in technology as a whole. Present networks are divided functionally between voice services, video […]

Don’t Overlook Non-IS Systems in Y2K Planning

Posted: 12/1998 Don’t Overlook Non-IS Systems in Y2K Planning By Jim Marsh Got Y2K covered? Don’t congratulate yourself too soon. There may be a whole world of strategic, but noncritical back-office applications you haven’t even considered. Two little numbers! "00." They are causing massive headaches for the world’s information technologists. When computer memory was expensive, […]

Digging Around in the Corporate Finance Toolbox

Posted: 01/1998 By Michael H. Wirpel Your ability to find a way to obtain an investment in your company is greater if you know how to design a deal flexibly. You can be more flexible by recognizing the different stages a company goes through and using each stage’s risk factors to tailor a deal. "Digging […]

Can’t Go IPO?

Posted: 11/1997   Can’t Go IPO? You’re Not Helpless Take Control By Restructuring By Michael H. Wirpel Here’s the scene: Your margins, profits and self-esteem are shrinking. Your cash flow is negative; you are not positioned for either an IPO or new debt. There appears to be no way to salvage the business. Pictures of […]

Know Your Enemy

Posted: 09/1997 Know Your Enemy The Role of Competitive Intelligence in the Telecom Industry By Steve Racz The world’s most stunningly successful companies did not arrive at their preeminent positions by reading tea leaves to understand the behavior of their competitors and the direction of their markets. Companies like Metropolitan Life, General Electric, Intel, Microsoft, […]

Taking It to the Net

Posted: 09/1997 Taking It to the Net By Gary Kim Until recently, long distance companies might have paid little attention to Internet protocol (IP) and the impact it has on worldwide long distance networks and revenues. All that changed with the Internet. But two other related developments Intranets and Extranets are poised to have an […]

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