Partners Enable Desktops on the Go

As wireless devices go IP and business users implement wireless LANs in greater numbers, new opportunities and challenges arise for solutions providers. During todays session, Desktops on the Go, panelists Carol Blanchar, principal and CEO of Conexo Inc.; Paul Janik, president of MidCo Inc.; and John Gaudu, president and CEO of Microtech Information Systems Inc., […]

Interoute to Acquire VIA NET.WORKS

Interoute Communications Ltd., the privately held owner and operator of the i-21 voice and data network in Europe, plans to buy VIA NET.WORKS Inc. for $18.1 million.VIA provides communication technologies to small and medium enterprises in Europe and the United States.Interoute is looking to VIA for its PSINet Europe operations in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland […]

Security: A Cuber’s Paradise

No longer a simple question of adding a firewall to an Internet connection, network security has exploded into a multimillion-dollar market with more variations than a Rubik’s Cube. Solve the puzzle, and you could be on your way to lucrative opportunities. Threats to corporate networks are becoming more sophisticated, and simply installing firewalls and running […]

Techno Beat – Are You Lost In the Translation?

Much like Star Wars beloved protocol droid C-3P0, the average person has seemingly endless methods to communicate with people and things. Enterprises are picking up on the benefit of peer-to-peer (P2P), collaborative applications, and knowing the right messaging language for the implementation can translate into big sales. Corporate networks have progressed from the mainframe/dumb terminal […]

Brand-New: Sprint, Nextel Reveal Details

Sprint Corp. and Nextel Communications Inc. today announced that, upon the completion of their merger, expected in the third quarter, the combined company will be known as Sprint, with the Nextel name continuing as a key product brand. The decision affects the corporations go-to-market identity. Officially, Sprint Nextel Corp. will serve as the corporate name. […]

Giving Blackberry a Black Eye?

While Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) has been the heavyweight of the enterprise mobile data market with its Blackberry product, there’s a new contender in town that may have the staying power to face RIM in the ring. JP Mobile Inc. is in the corner with SureWave Mobile Connect, available for private label. SureWave is […]

Curtain Call

Clever marketing, better-than-ever customer service and an ever-growing array of interesting service bundles may be the glamorous face of the communications industry today, but the often underappreciated telecom bill plays just as important a part in the theater of customer interaction. Proper bill presentment can reduce operational expenditures for the service provider, aid marketing efforts […]

Converting Customers to EBPP – Part II – Getting Down to Business

Editor’s Note: This, the second of two articles, addresses migrating consumers to electronic bill payment and presentment. See the PHONE+ September issue to read more about converting consumers to EBPP. E-billing, although not quite the norm, is catching on in the consumer market. Adoption can be attributed, in part, to subscribers growing accustomed to online […]

Resellers Lock Up Revenue with Managed Network Security

With threats to corporate networks becoming more sophisticated, many companies’ typical security approach - installing firewalls and running antivirus software on its PCs - is proving a shaky defense. A new need for an approach to security that goes beyond the network borders is creating a strong managed services play for service providers and resellers. “Security is […]

BullsEye Telecom Reports Good Takeup of Corporate Advantage Program

BullsEye Telecom (Booth 428), through its Corporate Advantage program, has won the local telephone service contracts for several regional and national businesses that have multiple locations — crossing RBOC territories — throughout the United States. The year-old program enables businesses to consolidate their local service into one invoice with complete account management, reporting and analysis […]

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