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Channel Coach: Building Trust and Building Sales

We recently prepared and presented an advanced sales seminar which focused on trust-based selling. In selecting materials for this seminar, we highlighted results from a survey conducted by Miller Heiman that singled out lack of trust as the No. 1 reason prospects do not buy from a vendor. In fact, lack of trust was cited […]

New Telecom Agent? Heres a Map for Success

One of the most daunting challenges a person ever faces is starting their own business. U.S. Small Business Association statistics indicate that only 60 percent of new businesses get through their first two years and at least 50 percent fail within five years. Making it to five years does not guarantee success nor does it […]

Time for a Business Physical

By Bill Taylor, President, Corporate Ladders As the summer winds down its back-to-school time and many students are headed to their doctor for a physical and checkup. Making sure they start the new year with a clean bill of health is very important. With that in mind, before you resume business as usual after Labor […]

Optimizing ROI Through Targeted Prospecting

As an agent, one of the most important decisions you will make is where to invest your limited resources. To receive an excellent return on your prospecting investment, it is important to spend time reviewing your available options, carefully defining your targets and deciding on the best strategy to hit your mark. Agents that choose […]

Word Gets Around

By Bill Taylor, President, Corporate Ladders Wow, whatever happened to the telecom business? The excitement sure is not what it once was. The pool of talented people just does not come knocking on the doors as they once did. There was a time not too long ago when the best and the brightest were doing […]

Cover Your Assets: Protecting Customer Data

Think about all the hard work you have put into building your business. All the long hours spent working the phones, sending e-mails, attending events and making sales calls. How about all the money spent for communications, postage, breakfasts, lunches and collateral materials to support your sales efforts? Finally, how about the cost to acquire […]

What Is All the Flapping About Twitter?

      By Bill Taylor, President, Corporate Ladders Social networking is all the rage and it seems everywhere I go there is someone downloading, talking about, or using Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter. Well, there must be a reason for all this buzz, and Twitter recently received (and declined) an acquisition offer in excess […]

Price Focus Distracts From Product Value, Experts Warn

In a time where service providers are arguably more price-sensitive than ever, why wouldn’t any company lead with a low price in a sales pitch? The answer, warns one industry expert, is touching off a price war, which industry history has repeatedly shown us, results in commoditization of products and a downward plunge that takes […]

Channel Coach: Discounting Is a Fatal Attraction

I’m all for selling as much product as possible as quickly as possible. However, we do have a responsibility to ourselves, our customers and our stakeholders to sell our products and services at a profit. Without meeting this responsibility, we will be out of business faster than we can imagine. Why this fatal attraction with […]

Best Deal or Best Price?

      By Bill Taylor, President, Corporate Ladders Is it tougher or easier to negotiate in today’s business environment? Well that depends on what you’re negotiating. For example, these days it’s easier to negotiate a better deal for a new home or auto. But what about telecom gear and services? Are your clients and […]

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