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Copper Thieves Knock Out AT&T Service in Dallas

Copper thieves are at it again, this time stealing 200 feet of telephone wire, knocking out service for AT&T customers in Dallas. The outage was reported early Monday morning while people were still asleep, so even though only about 20 customers reported problems, a whole lot more might notice the problem when they get home […]

More Copper Thefts Rankle AT&T

With metals trading at or near all-time highs, copper theft is big business for criminals. And that means big trouble for phone companies that are trying to keep their copper wire from being stolen off of homes and telephone poles. Atlanta is the last city facing a rash of copper thefts. At least nine have […]

Copper Thieves Knock Out AT&T Service in Ohio

Police say another copper theft is to blame for a service distruption, this one in Cleveland. Victims were about 2,000 AT&T customers on May 21 in the Forest City. Thieves got away with about 750 feet of copper wire from under a bridge. It knocked out phone, alarm and cable service. The heist will cost […]

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