COMPTEL: What now?

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Well, COMPTEL is searching for a new President and CEO. Earl Comstock’s resignation as CEO on May 30 should be marked as the end of the regulatory fight for COMPTEL. As one CLEC legal guy stated, “Millions of dollars and hundreds of lawyers have not worked.” The next phase for COMPTEL […]

Carrier Channel: Can CLEC Cooperation Break the Last-Mile Bottleneck?

Posted: 4/2003 Can CLEC Cooperation Break the Last-Mile Bottleneck? By Tara Seals James Martino, president and CEO for Last Mile Connections Inc., says he has the ultimate technological solution for competitive telecom providers: A way to beat the Bell stranglehold over the last mile. Martino’s dream is to create a national alliance of CLECs and […]

Know Thine Enemy

Posted: 11/1998 Know Thine Enemy Intelligence Techniques Arm Carriers Against Subscription Fraudsters By Mario McCash James Bauer, deputy assistant director for the U.S. Secret Service Office of Investigations, testified in April before a Congressional subcommittee that all kinds of important personal information stored in computers, including driver’s license and Social Security numbers, are accessible and […]

The Telecom Wars

Posted: 01/1998 With the coming of the new year and everybody full of good cheer–or maybe just too much food and drink–this seems like a good time to talk about cooperation. The need stems from conversations about negotiating agreements among interexchange carriers and incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers. There isn’t much movement to report. […]

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