e-billievable: Resellers Convert to EBPP

WHILE ELECTRONIC BILL PRESENTMENT and payment (EBPP) continues to evolve, it is reaching maturity and providing a new opportunity for telecom resellers to save on operations costs and deepen their relationships with customers. Overall growth of EBPP is increasing and continues to gain consumer acceptance, according to Forrester Research, which notes the growth rate for […]

Tex-Link Converts UNE-P Customers with Concretios Help

Tex-Link Communications Inc., a Texas CLEC, is using Concretio Inc.s CompleteSuite of OSS modules to convert wholesale UNE-P customers to its network. CompleteSuite automates the loop and porting transactions, updates the softswitch, and creates and uploads the CNAM, LIDB, CARE and E911 transactions for each order. It literally flips customers from UNE-P service to our […]

SkyStream Wins MPEG-4 Customer Aztech International

SkyStream (Booth 204) announces it has won 20 MPEG-4 AVC customers worldwide for its Mediaplex and iPlex video headend systems. One of these MPEG-4 customers, Aztech International, will be the largest operational U.S. MPEG-4 customer, in terms of targeted subscriber count and channels offered, according to a SkyStream spokesperson. Aztech has partnered with Hoover Homes […]

Swisscom Taps FiberNet for New York Termination

FiberNet Telecom Group Inc., a network service provider, has announced that Swisscom AG has selected FiberNet to convert and distribute its international traffic throughout New York City. Through its Dynamic Gateway service, FiberNet will convert Swisscoms incoming private-line traffic from Europe, which is running on the international SDH standard, into SONET, the North American standard. […]

Carrier Channel: IPv6 Peering Coming to America

Posted: 3/2003 IPv6 Peering Coming to America Like many progressive peering models, IPv6 traffic exchange is coming to America with European carriers. "One of the driving factors for IPv6 is the 3G phenomenon, which is being widely accepted in Europe and the Far East," says Richard Mataka, director of sales and marketing for TELEHOUSE International […]

Opinion: Clarification

Posted: 10/2002 Clarifications In the September Prepaid Supplement industry news, John Gill, former president of Global Prepaid Alliance Inc., was mistakenly identified as a founder of that organization. PHONE+ regrets the error. In an article, "End of the Line?," in the September issue of PHONE+, it was inaccurately stated that FiberNet Telecom Group was on […]


Posted: 10/2002 Overheard… "That is like saying, will murder continue? Ever since Cain slew Abel we’ve had it." — Ira Lee Sorkin, a former SEC regulator and former criminal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, on whether the U.S. has seen the last of corporate accounting fraud. Just Say No Citizens of Norfolk Island in […]

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