From Arms Length to Hand-In-Glove

Carriers that outsource their billing operations reduce operational expenditure and avoid a capital outlay for the platform. But that doesnt mean that outsourcing is a worry-free proposition. It requires an intermingling of disparate elements: inhouse and hosted platforms, processes and data. To boot, changing carrier services have given rise to further concerns such as how […]


As carriers continue to differentiate on customer service while feeling pressured to reduce opex, driving efficiency wherever possible in the call centers has become a critical issue - as has driving new revenue through this unique channel. New technologies are tackling the triple goals of efficiency, customer retention and new sales with approaches that put customers […]

Big Big Brand MVNOs Need Back-Office Support

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are set to usher in a transformational era of brand marketing for wireless, and that’s bringing new backoffice considerations to the market. The appearance of private-label resellers of wireless minutes is hardly remarkable, but here’s what is: MVNOs from outside the communications sector - with names like Walt Disney Co., ESPN, […]

j2 Global Selects Convergys Infinys

Convergys Corp. will license its convergent Infinys billing software to j2 Global Communications, a unified messaging provider. j2 will use Infinys for rating and billing, order management and mediation management to enhance billing operations and support new service rollouts on one system.

Phone Plus Prepaid:  Product News

Posted: 6/2003 Product News MGI USA RELEASES PLASTICARD DIGITAL PRESS, PUNCHCARD DIE CUTS PlastiCard MGI USA, a manufacturer of digital color printing equipment, rolled out its new synthetic digital press and two plastic card production units. The result is a complete turnkey plastic card solution from print to finish in less than a 10 X […]

Hot Billing for Hotspots

Posted: 6/2003 Hot Billing for Hotspots Revenue Management for Public Wi-Fi Partners By Khali Henderson Public wireless LAN or Wi-Fi is one of the most hyped opportunities to come down the pike — affording potential opportunities for both wireless and wireline providers to expand their networks for relatively low cost. In the end, however, the […]

Mix & Match

Posted: 011/2002 Mix & Match Necessity is Mother of Inventive Outsourced Billing Contracts By Khali Henderson While organizational preferences still weigh heavily in telecom service providers’ decisions to outsource or "insource" their billing systems, their vendors say more and more of them are evaluating the continuum of hosted and managed services with an eye toward […]

One Step at a Time

Posted: 08/2002 One Step at a Time Catalog, Rating, Mediation Solutions Ease Migration to Convergent Billing By Peter Lambert Randy Minervino Profitec SUCH CREATIVE PACKAGING and cross-service discounting will be the order of the day as new customer growth shrinks and churn numbers rise, industry experts predict. Implementing this creativity will require an end to […]

Option Shock

Posted: 06/2002 Option Shock Service Providers Grapple with Customer-friendly IP Billing By Peter Lambert Keith Wolters Senior director, product and industry marketing, Convergys Corp. BILLING VENDORS HAVE BEEN AWFULLY CREATIVE in generating usage-based, content-based and value-based pricing tools these past few years. Now their customers find themselves challenged to prove themselves equally creative in applying […]

Back Office Links

Posted: 2/2002 BACK OFFICE  Back Office Links BizTelOne www.biztelone.comCIMA Telecom Inc. www.interdata.netCIMCO Communications Inc. www.cimco.netConvergys Corp. www.convergys.comDSET Corporation www.dset.comEUR Systems www.eursystems.comFrance Telecom www.francetelecom.comHewlett-Packard Co. www.hp.comHighDeal Inc. www.highdeal.comIDC www.IDC.comIlluminet www.illuminet.comIntec Telecom Systems www.intec-telecom-systems.comNeuStar Inc. Corp. www.peoplesoft.comSprint Corp. www.sprint.comTelecom PARTNERS SA Telution Inc. Verizon Communications Inc.  

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