Solutions Providers By Design

Transformation is infiltrating the communications market, intermingling disciplines as well as services. Beyond supplying voice and data on one network, channel partners can leverage the power of IP to blend telecom, IT, television, security, and wireless and in-building controls. While this new era of converging disciplines creates opportunity for partners of every stripe, building a […]

PHONE+ Presents “Solutions Providers Blueprint”

PHONE+ magazine is pleased to announce the theme of The Fall 2005 Channel Partners Conference & Agenda: “Your Solutions Provider Blueprint.” “Being a converged solutions provider is what it’s all about,” says PHONE+ Group Publisher Marla Ellerman. “It’s no longer sufficient to be a voice agent or a data VAR. You’ve got to be both, […]

The Winner’s Circle

When judging your opportunity in converged communications, here are some signs that you are looking at a winner: Mobility. Today’s networks are evolving heavily toward mobility. Whether they are high-speed or low-speed, they enable users the freedom to move within the network wirelessly and, increasingly between networks, such as VoWi- Fi to cellular, cellular to […]

Calculating ROI for Converged IPNetworks

The business case for adopting converged IP networks has been elusive. With vendors and resellers touting benefits such as more efficient network management and better integration between voice and data applications, the ability to measure and qualify ROI for enterprise migration to an all-IP network has been difficult. Given the lack of data to support […]

Cmon Pardners: Jump on the Convergence Bandwagon

Alan Borck For months, T@G and the Channel Partners Conference & Expo shows have harped on the fact that convergence isnt the wave of the future, its here now, and its hot. This month, T@G went to the Computing Technology Industry Associations (CompTIAs) Alan Borck for details on why and how convergence works, and why […]

Convergent CPE, A New Opportunity

The Channel Partners Conference & Expo is dedicating a general session to convergent customer premise equipment (CPE). When it comes to selling network services, the hardware on the desktop and in the LAN or WAN is all part of the solution. Telephony dealers need to gear up or partner up to sell both, or risk […]

Slicing and Dicing the Buzzword: Convergence

Coming together. A combination. Cohesion. We all can come up with synonyms for “convergence,” but what does it really mean and how can you use it to sell advanced services for higher commissions? When people talk about communications convergence, they often mean service integration over IP. The most basic form is combining voice and data. […]

MPLS, the Network of the Future

MPLS: you may have heard the acronym used in the same sentence as “IP VPN,” “voice over IP” or “core networks.” What is this mysterious thing, this multi-protocol label switching, which seems to show up almost everywhere IP is discussed? You may not need to know all the pings and the zings involved, but a […]

Business Intelligence

Anthony Daley is senior vice president and general manager, the Americas, Westcon Group North America Inc, a value-added distributor. Daley spoke with T@G in June about areas of growing importance to telecom agents, such as networking security and standards, and how to avoid becoming just a commodity to clients. T@G: What are the most important […]

Catch the Integrated T1 Wave

It’s high summer, and surf’s up for channel partners catering to small and medium businesses. A flurry of integrated access options let agents offer SMBs fully managed voice and Internet access on one T1 line, for less money than traditional circuits. Partners can really shoot the curl with bells and whistles like dynamic bandwidth allocation […]

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