Bush Nominates McDowell FCC Commissioner

President Bush has nominated Republican attorney Robert McDowell, COMPTEL’s senior vice president and assistant general counsel, to be a commissioner on the FCC. Aside from representing COMPTEL members before Congress, the FCC and the appellate courts, McDowell is a veteran of several Republican presidential campaigns most recently as a member of the Bush-Cheney Florida Recount […]

Business News – WorldCom to Acquire Intermedia

Posted: 10/2000 WorldCom to Acquire Intermedia Telecommunications giant WorldCom Inc. ( has signed a $6 billion agreement in equity and debt to acquire Intermedia Communications Inc. (, a Tampa, Fla.-based CLEC with an attractive portfolio.The deal, which is subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals, would give WorldCom a controlling 55 percent interest in Intermedia’s Digex […]

Guest Editorial: Who’s in Charge Here?

Posted: 09/1997 Guest Editorial: Who’s in Charge Here? The debate surrounding the ongoing delay in opening local telecommunications markets to competition is beginning to intensify. Here’s the latest: Fact one: Frustration over the slower-than-expected pace for the roll-out of local service competition has caused Federal Communications Commission Chair Reed Hundt to announce plans to appoint […]

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