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Protecting Your Residuals: A Contract Checklist

Despite the perception that contracts are fixed, static documents, in reality, contract terms between a carrier and agent are the unique, case-by-case product of the negotiation between the parties. Put another way, contracts are similar to snowflakes in that no two are alike. In most cases, when addressing the issue of residual commissions, the best […]

Read the Fine Print Now More Than Ever

        Neil S. Ende, Founder and Managing Partner, Technology Law Group LLC Under normal economic circumstances it is important for resellers to pay attention to all the elements of running their businesses. This includes, of course, paying attention to their contracts in all phases – all the way from the initial phase […]

Anatomy of an Agent Agreement

Agents depend upon a limited number of contractual relationships, whether with one or more underlying carriers or master agents, for their financial viability. Yet, all too often, agents fail to understand their core contracts and neglect to invest adequate resources and upfront time in contract negotiation and formation. Major carriers, with which agents often contract, […]

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