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Posted: 3/2004 Finally, Validation I just read your article in the December 2003 edition of PHONE+. Interesting! The Part Agent, Part Consultant piece is right on target. We entered into the consulting market in 1997. Trusting clients kept asking for our help. We had to start charging. Its now our core business. We feel validated! […]

TAG: THE BOTTOM LINE on Partner Compensation

Posted: 12/2002 THE BOTTOM LINE on Partner Compensation By Tara Seals IT’S DOUBTFUL ANOTHER SUBJECT takes as much precedence in channel partners’ business lives as compensation. But these days the money on the table is made up of changing revenue streams — consulting fees, commission and margin all pay their part. To take stock of […]

Long Distance at Heart of SBC Woes, Not UNE-P, Says Consultant

SBC Communications Inc. (, the No. 2 local phone company, is rightly panicking over local competition in its dominant region, said Phil Jacobson, founder of research and consulting firm Network Conceptions LLC, on Tuesday. But he added SBC’s strife is related to internal problems, not unfair regulatory policies. Local phone competitors and the Baby Bells […]

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