U.S. Colocation Consolidation Likely Contagious

With Switch and Data announcing yet another acquisition in January, it looks like the consolidation we have seen in the North American colocation market is continuing unabated. By contrast in Europe, where there is a strong case for similar consolidation to take place amongst a multitude of regional providers, hardly anything has happened over the […]

CEOs to Discuss an Industry in Flux

The leaders of competitive telecommunications providers today will share their views of an industry invariably facing regulatory, technology and business changes. A panel moderated by CompTel/ASCENT CEO H. Russell Frisby Jr. will feature the chief executive officers of Grande Communications (Booth 500), Looking Glass Networks Inc. (Booth 107), XO Communications Inc. (Booth 717) and Xspedius […]

Competitors Still Pursuing Consolidation

Competitive telecommunications providers still are aiming to improve the bottom line through mergers and acquisitions. With plenty of assets on the market, dealmakers once saddled by huge debt obligations have conceded the necessity of getting bigger, some executives say. Many private companies backed by venture capitalists do not have an exit strategy to go public […]

Chief Executives Say Consolidation is Necessary

Chief executives of three telecommunications companies on Monday said industry consolidation is vital to support the health of the sector and compete more effectively with such titans as national cable operators, wireless carriers and the four regional phone companies. Theres got to be a lot of consolidation going forward, WilTel Communications President and CEO Jeff […]

Carrier Channel: SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT

Posted: 8/2003 SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT International Wholesale Voice Faces Next Wave By Nicholas Topham The last major strategic shift in the wholesale voice market occurred in the mid-’90s, when the European telcos entered the refile market and brought fundamental change to the structure of the business. The value of the average wholesale minute […]

Consolidation Key for Telecom’s Future

Posted: 4/2003 Consolidation Key for Telecom’s Future By Dick Jalkut The 1996 Telecommunications Act opened the floodgates for many things — competition and choice for customers, better pricing and service, and entrepreneurs trying to make a quick buck. Now, seven years after that landmark event, we know that indeed many bucks were made by a […]

Consolidation or Bust!

Posted: 09/2002 Consolidation or Bust! Powell Might Like Bell-IXC Mergers, But Bells Are Wary By Fred Dawson FCC CHAIRMAN MICHAEL POWELL’S recent suggestion that acquisition of WorldCom Inc. by an RBOC might be a good idea was widely condemned by many in the telecom industry as another sign that the fix is in on a […]

Telecom Heading Down TV, Radio Consolidation Path

Posted: 02/2001 Telecom Heading Down TV, Radio Consolidation Path You can see it coming, and when it does, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., will look like a prophet. For years, as Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, McCain has been critical of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. His aim has been focused at radio, television and […]

Business News – Bell Atlantic Merges 2 Wholesale Organizations

Posted: 10/1999 Bell Atlantic Merges 2 Wholesale Organizations New York-based Bell Atlantic Corp. merged its carrier services and telecom industry services (TIS) groups Sept. 1. The regional Bell operating company (RBOC) decided on the consolidation to enhance the level of service to its wholesale customers and to improve efficiency. The two units are part of […]

Second Phase of Carrier Consolidation Begins

Posted: 10/1999 Second Phase of Carrier Consolidation Begins By Ken Branson Mergers and acquisitions are always described by the people involved as a "win-win situation" or "the creation of a powerhouse" or some such superlative. However, things get lost, as well as gained, in a merger. The business of corporate consolidation used to be simple. […]

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