Finally, Level 3 Launches IP Voice Service; WholesaleOffer Comes First

Posted: 02/2000 Finally, Level 3 Launches IP Voice Service; Wholesale Offer Comes First BY KHALI HENDERSON Level 3 Communications Inc.’s ( long-awaited announcement that it will offer commercial availability of its (3)Voice service delivered over the carrier’s end-to-end Internet protocol (IP) network came at the end of 1999. Promised as a fall launch, Level 3’s […]

Group Forms SoftSwitch Consortium

Posted: 07/1999 Group Forms SoftSwitch Consortium A group of telecommunications companies has formed the SoftSwitch Consortium, which will promote open standards and protocols and new application development for a distributed set of hardware and software platforms to connect seamlessly to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the Internet. Founding members include Cisco Systems Inc., […]

ITXC Device Eliminates Backhaul for InternationalCarriers, Resellers

Posted: 07/1999 ITXC Device Eliminates Backhaul for International Carriers, Resellers By Khali Henderson Enabling speedy market entry and eliminating backhaul costs for Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), ITXC Corp., Princeton, N.J., has developed the SNARC, a device that attaches through an E1 or T1 port to an international reseller or carrier’s switch and takes voice […]

Special Access

Posted: 06/1998 Special Access IXCs Seek CLECs for Local Connections By Ken Branson Long distance and local exchange companies one day may be integrated communications providers. But for now, they still operate in an environment that resembles the regulated-monopoly environment of the past. For example, long distance companies still typically purchase local network access, or […]

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