Agents Reinvent TEM

Agents quickly learned that keeping telecom environments and expenses under control for their customers required regular monitoring and management. Company growth or contraction and changing technology options and rates are among the reasons the status quo doesnt remain optimal.

Configure Debuts TESA TEM Solution

Configure Inc. has announced the debut of TESA (Telecom Expense Solution Advantage), a cost-management solution for medium-to-large enterprises. Furnished under a SaaS model, TESA can analyze multivendor or multiservice telecom environments, exposing inefficiencies and helping companies keep their telecom costs under control. TESA unifies the entire telecom landscape: landlines, VoIP, cellular and data. It is […]

ATM to the Rescue

Posted: 11/2003 ATM to the Rescue Consultant Helps Global Tech Company Make Cost/Performance Choice By Rudain Arafeh ATM networks today get less respect than Rodney Dangerfield, saddled as they are with the reputation of being inordinately expensive and all but obsolete in the IP era. But ATM can be the architecture of choice for a […]

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