COMPTEL PLUS: ATLANTIC-ACM Names Top Wholesale Carriers

ATLANTIC-ACM delivered its 2009 U.S. Wholesale Excellence Awards Tuesday at the COMPTEL PLUS Convention & Expo in Dallas. This latest round of awards was based on data for the 2009 edition of ATLANTIC-ACM’s U.S. Wholesale Carrier Report Card, an industry staple now in its 13th edition. The awards are based on more than 800 individual […]

COMPTEL PLUS: VPS Moves Into New Verizon Services Organization

Verizon Partner Solutions (VPS), the wholesale arm of Verizon Communications, has moved under the new Verizon Services Organization created from the merging of Verizon Business and Verizon Telecom at the beginning of 2009, said Quintin Lew, Verizon senior vice president. The wholesaler will be discussing the implications of the organizational changes with customers at the […]

COMPTEL PLUS: Verizon Wholesale to Unbundle Mobility Solutions

Verizon Partner Solutions (VPS), the wholesale arm of Verizon Communications, is making some changes to its new Verizon Wholesale Mobility Solutions offer, including the addition of bulk voice minutes. The wholesaler will be discussing those changes with customers at the COMPTEL PLUS Convention & Expo this week in Dallas. When launched in summer 2008, VPS’ […]

COMPTEL to Congress: Help Us Stop FCC ICC/USF Vote

COMPTEL on Monday asked 106 Congressional lawmakers to pressure the FCC not to vote on proposed intercarrier compensation/Universal Service Fund (ICC/USF) reform on Dec. 18. The FCC pulled the item from its Nov. 3 agenda, to the relief of CLECs, RLECs, consumer advocates and others. Chairman Kevin Martin was unable to secure his four fellow […]

Soap Box: Policy Challenges Persist in 2008

2008 has been a year of policy challenges for competitive communications providers. COMPTEL and its members continue the fight to preserve their ability to obtain the wholesale inputs they need to provide high-quality, innovative services and expand their networks in an effort to ensure that consumers have a choice of carriers and services. Ever since […]

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Whats Wrong with the FCC Forbearance Review

      By Peter Radizeski, President of RAD-INFO The Government Accounting Office (GAO) did a study on competition in Dedicated Access Competition. Unfortunately the data they used was from 2005. Don’t they have computers over there with more current data? Apparently not. This is the same data that the FCC used to grant pricing […]

Not Necessarily News: Mobile Handset Disposal

 When You Gotta Go … You’re gleefully tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain when it hits you – you have to go and you have to go right now. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your mobile phone to find the closest, cleanest restroom available for public use? Well, now you can. Yojo […]

FCC Extends Qwest Forbearance Petition Deadline

The FCC has extended the decision date on a controversial forbearance petition by 90 days. The deadline for the agency to act on Qwest Communications International Inc.s four-metro area request now stands at July 26.  Qwest wants forbearance from certain loop and transport unbundling rules in Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Phoenix and Seattle. The FCC last […]

COMPTEL: CEO Roundtable Keeps It Real

Three of the competitive industrys most successful CEOs showed during a panel at COMPTEL yesterday that they still feel the pain of the telecom bust and are holding its hard-won lessons close. Seated on the panel were CEOs Bill Capraro of CIMCO Communications Inc., Dan Caruso of Zayo Bandwidth and Randy Curran of Deltacom. Jerry […]

COMPTEL: Structuring FTTH Transactions that Work

When a former seven-year COMPTEL president and current regulatory expert/legal eagle wants to talk to CLECs about new and emerging business opportunities, smart money says its a very good idea to listen and listen very closely. Thats precisely what Russell Frisby, partner at Fleischman and Harding LLP, plans to do by way of an all-encompassing […]

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