Doing the Math on Wireless TEM

      By Trent McCracken, President, Spectrum Inc. There are many compensation models agents can work through in offering a TEM solution. However, many of the models clearly pay the agent more than they typically make. To illustrate this to one of the master agencies licensing our TEM solution, we drew up the following […]

Getting SaaS-y

From CRM to e-mail, SMBs need the same kinds of software the big guys do only they may not have the time, money or human resources to implement a premises-based solution. The answer to this dilemma, for them and their channel partner consultants, is a simple one: software as a service. The SaaS model lets […]

Silence Broken: AT&T’s Bob Sloan

They came. They merged. They became Americas largest phone company (again). And then the new AT&T Inc., the amalgamation of SBC, BellSouth and a number of smaller transactions, fell silent on its channel strategy for two years. AT&T’s Bob Sloan After months of promises, dealing with apologetic PR people and a half-serious threat to put […]

AT&T Announces Comp Changes, Background Checks

AT&T Inc. announced it will continue to favor upfront payments as opposed to residual commission (except for some legacy services), and will begin requiring background checks for its agents, sources close to the company told PHONE+. It also has changed its bonus structure in the agent contract. In a closed call for partners in the […]

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