If a Tree Fell in the Forest…

How are channel partners going to capitalize on the growing need to collect, assemble, report and react to the massive amounts of data that are being collected?

Martin Group Selects Microtronix as AMATPS Billing Record Collection Supplier

Software, business services and engineering firm Martin Group Inc., announced it is teaming up with Microtronix Datacom Ltd. to deliver an IP-based package for service providers with legacy network switches. The Microtronix AMATPS Collection System supports the collection of AMA data per GR-385-Core from AMATPS compatible elements used in telco public and private telephone systems. […]

BeQuick Accelerates Payment Collection Process with IVR Service

BeQuick Software Inc. announced it will roll out in March a new outbound interactive voice response (IVR) service enhancement to its QuikTel hosted OSS solution for CLECs. QuickTel integrates with CLEC customers contact center systems to allow them to accept real-time payments via a credit card or ACH anytime of the day over the phone. […]

Best in Show — The Lost Category

Tallies from post-show polls revealed best-in-show winners at the Spring 2006 Channel Partners Conference & Expo held in Las Vegas in March. The May issue of PHONE+ showcased these winners in categories such as Best Channel Promotion, Best Booth, Best After-Hours Party, Best Theme, Best First-Time Exhibitor and Best Giveaway. However, one of our loyal […]

ACE*COMM Addresses Hyperconvergence

ACE*COMM Corp. has launched N*VISION 2 (NV2), the next generation of the companys convergent mediation solution, targeted to multi-network and multi-technology environments. NV2 uses advanced technologies and techniques to control, moderate and facilitate the interactive communication between multiple network technologies and software support systems, while supporting critical legacy network and infrastructure investments. NV2 is the […]

Narus Partners with Giza Systems

Narus Inc. has partnered with Giza Systems, a systems integrator, to deliver a turn-key solution to a Middle Eastern telco for the detection and management of voice over IP traffic. They discovered they had 20,000 calls avoiding the circuit-switched network, says Jay Thomas, vice president of product marketing at Narus. And they were losing $100,000 […]

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Posted: 10/2003 Are You Leaving Money on the Table? By John Konczal and Mike Devine Today, revenue assurance most often is considered a set of processes that monitor the multiple operational functions that can cause revenue leakage for example, reconciling service usage generated by the network with that which actually is billed to end-customers. Many […]

ASCENT: Carmel Sees Uptick in A/R Management Services

Carmel Solutions Inc. (Booth 700), a provider of back-office management products and services for the telecom market, reported an increase in usage of its private-branded A/R management services over the last 12 months. "Revenue from our A/R management group has doubled over the last year," says company president James Hansen. "Credit and collection services have […]

Collection Challenge Stymies Payphone Potential

Posted: 09/2000 Collection Challenge Stymies Payphone Potential By Vincent Sandusky Someday soon, almost everyone, from mainstream consumers to high-end businesspeople, will have the opportunity to fulfill nearly any telecommunications need, from buying a movie ticket to participating in a videoconference, just about anywhere. And they will be able to do this with a high-tech device […]

Outsourcing Receivables Management

Posted: 11/1999 Outsourcing Receivables Management By Keith Shaver and Brian Briggs To survive and flourish, service providers mustfocus on aggressive receivables management that helps the organization maximize customer profitability. It’s no secret that competition has transformed the telecommunications industry, stimulating dramatic growth, innovation and the emergence of many new players–even industry categories–that did not exist […]

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