Global NetWatch Provides Free Analysis of Web Presence

Global NetWatch Inc. (Booth 1535) is offering a free basic Web analysis of any company attending or exhibiting at TELECOM 05. The company offers a comprehensive approach to measuring and reporting network and application performance. Global NetWatch uses multiple Internet backbones and a static IP allowing the external monitoring service to be no more intrusive […]

Service Provider Confidence Index – Sage Gauge

Posted: 11/2003 SAGE GAUGE The Sage Research Inc. September 2003 index of service provider confidence in current conditions rose for the second consecutive period and is edging toward the key metric of 50, which divides the low (less than 50) from the high territory (greater than 50). The first three quarters of 2003 mark a […]

The Perilsof Tortious Interference

Posted: 05/2002 The Perils of Tortious Interference How to Avoid Contract Cliffhangers By Tara Seals LIKE THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS WAITING for someone to pull her from the path of an oncoming train, an agency can find itself trapped by the dastardly doings of carrier contracts. That standard agreement may look innocent enough, but when something […]

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