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Ifbyphone Fortifies ‘Cloud Telephony’ Aim With Cloudvox

Chicago-based startup Ifbyphone Inc. is buying fledgling Cloudvox to bolster its open-source “cloud telephony” strategy. Financial terms of the deal, announced on Wednesday, were not disclosed, as both companies are privately held. But the acquisition will accomplish a couple of important aims for Ifbyphone, which automates phone calls – landline and Internet – through apps. […]

Ifbyphone Offers Cloud Telephony

Ifbyphone now offers carriers, CLECs, ILECs, hosted PBX companies, and cable multisystem operators (MSOs) with softswitches in their architecture the ability to connect to Ifbyphone and expand their service offerings to include features like full-function IVR, Call Queuing, Call Tracking and “Find Me” Call Forwarding, and complete applications such as Voice Broadcasting, Store Locator and […]

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