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Break Out of Your Opportunistic Cloud Sales Rut

IT service providers who are willing to let go of the mindset of selling on-premises-only products and services and taking the necessary steps to embrace a newer way of doing business can become true business partners to their customers and uncover new streams of recurring revenue in the process.

3 Legal Tips for Working With Cloud VARs

You can protect yourself, your company and your recurring revenue when selling cloud services through VARs. Here are three tips from two top telecom lawyers.

5 Ways to Reduce Risk in Cloud Agency Contracts

Some risks can be mitigated, if not solved, by protective provisions in your agency contracts with cloud service providers. Our expert reviews five areas where legal advice may be well advised.

MSPAlliance Debuts Cloud Insurance

Partners who position themselves as cloud and managed services providers have a new option for liability protection against cyber threats and other risks of doing business in the Internet era.

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