Fashion Forward

Posted: 11/2003 Fashion Forward PRM Systems Outfit Providers to Attract Partners By Tara Seals As trends go, partner relationship management is more like a little black dress than retro 1970s flares. In other words, it has staying power. PRM, software platforms that enable interactive content and information distribution between suppliers and their channel partners, are […]

Collaborative: Industry News

Posted: 5/2003 RADVISION, NTT DoCoMo Enable Mobile Video Conferencing Service By Khali Henderson The Panasonic P2102V features two built-in cameras that can record still shots and video clips with sound at 15 frames per second, which can then be sent as e-mail attachments even when talking on the phone. For easier use, the display can […]

Under the Influence

Posted: 3/2003 Under the Influence An editorial cartoon by Leo Cullum in the New Yorker shows an executive speaking to company shareholders. He says, "I want each of you on the way home tonight to stop, look up, ponder the heavens and consider how insignificant our second-quarter loss really is." The bit was published in […]

Wooing SMBs with IntegratedServices

Posted: 2/2003 Wooing SMBs with Integrated Services By Khali Henderson and Tara Seals THERE’S NO SUCH THING as a sure thing. But CLECs and their channel partners are having increasing luck wooing the country’s more than 5 million small and medium-sized businesses with this pickup line: Voice and data can make beautiful music together over […]

Collaborative: Video Delivery Revolution Fueled by Ethernet, Voice over IP

Posted: 11/2002 Video Delivery Revolution Fueled by Ethernet, Voice over IP By Gerry Kaufhold AS THE REVOLUTION OF VOICE over IP (VoIP) solutions continues to set the stage for a wide variety of video-related applications to flourish on corporate LANs, Ethernet technologies are beginning to usurp applications in the professional video arena that had previously […]

A Crisis of Overconfidence

Posted: 10/2002 A Crisis of Overconfidence ONE BAD APPLE WON’T SPOIL THE WHOLE BUNCH. Try telling that to telecom service providers. They are suffering from guilt by association. Some, such as indirect sales partners, are suffering more so than others, including loss of commissions, loss of business and loss of integrity. (click here for tips […]

The Letter: And the Winner Is

Posted: 09/2002 And the Winner Is AS WE HEAD INTO THE CAMPAIGN SEASON, it seems appropriate to talk about winners and losers. Only, it’s not tight races for Senate and House seats that weigh on our minds, it’s the contest for the embattled telecom market. WorldCom’s July bankruptcy filing signaled a new, more desperate phase […]

Collaborative: Mixed Media

Posted: 08/2002 Mixed Media Audio, Web and Video Collaboration Converge at the Desktop By Khali Henderson and Fred Dawson REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION is part of a larger business trend toward increased communication, collaboration and knowledge management, says Lewis Ward, senior research analyst for Collaborative Strategies LLC. "Over time, we anticipate that collaboration will no longer be […]

Is Antislamming Enforcement Shifting to States?

Posted: 07/2002 Is Antislamming Enforcement Shifting to States? IF YOU BELIEVE RECENT REPORTS, YOU might be tempted to think it’s safe to slam. The level of fines the FCC issues for slamming has taken a big drop. On the other hand, recent FCC fine levels are the natural outcome of a process it has been […]

The Letter: Dirty Laundry

Posted: 06/2002 Dirty Laundry EVERY TIME I HEAR FINANCIAL news about telecom companies, I feel almost embarrassed, like someone is airing our dirty laundry in the public square. Stories about fictitious growth and greedy executives fixing the numbers to get their payouts make me ill. I can’t take comfort in the fact similar transgressions have […]

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