The Honor System

Posted: 11/2003 The Honor System Accusers: Industry Trust Masked Alleged Call Laundering Scheme By Josh Long Telephone giants accusing MCI of fraud say a primary reason they did not immediately detect the alleged call-laundering scheme is the industry operates on the honor system when paying each other to originate and terminate phone calls. MCIs biggest […]

Round Table

Posted: 10/2003 … ON ALLEGATIONS MCI ILLEGALLY AVOIDED PAYING ACCESS CHARGES BY CONCEALING THE ORIGIN OF PHONE CALLS CLAIMS THAT ARE THE FOCUS OF A U.S. ATTORNEYS OFFICE INVESTIGATION. [MCIs] scheme … improperly unloaded millions of dollars of debtors operating expense upon AT&T, and allowed debtors to continue understating and misrepresenting their true financial position […]

Round Table

Posted: 5/2003 … ON THE CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION REDUCING UNE-P RATES IN VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC.’S TERRITORY  "Under this decision Verizon pays AT&T and WorldCom to compete in California. It is hard to imagine a justification for this decision." — Tim McCallion, president, Verizon Pacific Region "These reductions validate the claims of MCI and others […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: WorldCom Revamps Channel Approach

Posted: 4/2003 WorldCom Revamps Channel Approach DISGRUNTLED AGENTS SKEPTICAL OF CLAIMS By Tara Seals WorldCom’s Ron McMurtrie WorldCom Inc. Chairman and CEO Michael Capellas in January laid out a plan for the first 100 days of 2003, the period leading up to the bankrupt giant’s reorganization plan filing set for this month. Among other initiatives, […]

The Letter: A Matter of Antitrust

Posted: 08/2002 A Matter of Antitrust WHEN A DOOR IS CLOSED, SOMEWHERE a window is opened. Or should I say, "cracked." For competitive telecom carriers that window of opportunity may be a mid-June federal appeals court ruling that said consumers can sue their local telephone companies for antitrust violations. The ruling came as a result […]

Small-Town Telecom Provider Battles AT&Tin $60 Million Suit

Posted: 01/2000 Small-Town Telecom Provider Battles AT&T in $60 Million Suit By Kim Kelliher A small-town phone service entrepreneur is making legal headway against AT&T Corp. ( in a $60 million lawsuit that accuses the industry giant of unfair trade practices, violations of the Telecommuni-cations Act of 1996, stealing its customers and fraud. Despite a […]

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