TNCI Deploys Carrier ID Code

Channel Partners show sponsor TNCI (Booth 515) has deployed its own Carrier Identification Code (CIC) to manage traffic seamlessly to ensure agents and customers of the most competitive rates in all equal access areas across the country. A CIC is the designation used by local phone companies to route traffic to the customers preferred long-distance […]

Cordia International Establishes Hong Kong PoP

Cordia International Corp. (CIC), a subsidiary of Cordia Corp. that develops Web services platforms for CLECs and ISPs, said today it has established a PoP in Hong Kong as it continues to deploy a global VoIP network. The PoP is located at the HKCOLO Limited facility in the Sino Favour Centre in Chai Wan, Hong […]


Posted: 08/2002 Sprint Opens Can of CIC-S By Khali Henderson Anticipating a surge in reseller-sponsored 10-10-XXX dial-around programs and regulatory pressure to route CIC-based resellers’ calls, Sprint Wholesale set out to alter its systems to do just that. Of course that was several years ago, and a lot has changed in the market, says Chris […]

Regulatory News – Slammers Beware

Posted: 10/2000 Slammers Beware The Devil’s in the ‘Anti-Slamming’ Order Details By Kim Sunderland The FCC ( finally has released the long-awaited text of its anti-slamming rules, which are designed to improve how consumers choose their preferred telephone carrier, while making it harder for carriers to slam them.So slammers take note: The FCC, in concert with […]

Regulatory News – FCC Updates Record on CICs

Posted:  07/2000 FCC Updates Record on CICs By Kim Sunderland he FCC ( again is set to decide on a proposal requiring resellers to obtain carrier identification codes (CICs), a testy threat that’s plagued the resale industry for years.This spring, the commission repeated its CIC request, asking the telecom industry to refresh its longstanding record […]

Requisite Codes Cost Resellers Big Bucks

Posted: 11/1999 Requisite Codes Cost Resellers Big Bucks By Kim Sunderland Mandatory carrier identification codes (CICs) pose a serious burden for small-to-medium-sized carriers, according to the nation’s resale lobbyist. CICs are the numeric codes that allow local exchange carriers (LECs) to identify the interstate interexchange carrier (IXC) that an originating caller wants to use to […]

Just for CICs

Posted: 05/1998 Just for CICs Switchless Resellers Join the PSTN Crowd By Ken Branson Just as the U.S. Postal Service uses names, addresses and ZIP codes to identify and sort mail, the public switched telecommunications network (PSTN) uses carrier identification codes (CICs) to sort out telecommunications traffic. "CICs are used to ‘mark’ the carrier of […]

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