Chris Dunk


BandTel Offers Virtual U.S. Phone Numbers to Call Centers Worldwide

VirtualUSA, a new service announced Tuesday by BandTel, extends U.S. telephone and toll-free numbers to other countries, enabling calls to be transported via the Internet and terminated by the long-distance telephone company that serves the destination country. The service is designed for international call centers, the company said. Nearly 3,000 origination cities in the United States, in addition […]

Corraling Complementary TEM Solutions

The telecom expense management (TEM) arena has seen a lot of wagon-hitching in the past year or so. As the popularity of such services grows, customers are lining up at the chuck wagon and they want a full meal, not just a taste. With this in mind, TEM suppliers are partnering with each other to […]

Becoming an Enabler

More and more agents are becoming enablers. No, not the kind Dr. Phil would be interested in yelling at. Rather, they are enabling customers to buy, use and upgrade the telephony services they are hocking by offering them the option to lease the equipment needed to make that purchase. Many customers do not have the […]

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