Qualcomm Responds to Latest Broadcom Patent Loss

Qualcomm Inc. said it will offer workaround technology for some WCDMA cell phone chips after a court ruled Monday that the company stop selling or making the technology that infringes on three Broadcom Corp. patents. Qualcomm also said Wednesday it will look at its legal options and ask the court to clarify some aspects of […]

Judge Affirms Broadcom Ruling

A federal judge affirmed last week a jurys May verdict that Qualcomm Inc. infringed on Broadcom Corp. patents. Broadcom said it would accept the $19.6 million originally awarded by the jury, avoiding a new trail. The judge had removed an award for double the damages. Broadcom also said it would seek an injunction preventing Qualcomm […]

Court Orders Stay on Qualcomm Ban

Qualcomm Inc. won a stay Wednesday on a government ban on imports of devices using chips that have been found to violate a Broadcom Corp. patent. The stay by the Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit allows seven phone makers and carriers to import devices with the chips to the U.S. pending Qualcomms appeal […]

Qualcomm Chips Blocked

An adverse patent ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission has banned U.S. imports of new cell phones with Qualcomm Inc. chipsets, sparking an outcry from the wireless operator community. While existing models will be grandfathered in and remain on sale, tens of millions of units of future models such as the Motorola RAZR 2 […]

Router Chips Spawn IP Services Race

Posted: 06/1999 Router Chips Spawn IP Services Race Telecom Giants Scramble To Acquire Intelligent Edge Suppliers By Peter Lambert In 1998, a new distributed microprocessor architecture for data routers began to yield a new class of terabit-per-second routers that can forward packets as fast as the fastest Internet backbone wires can deliver them. In 1999, […]

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