Palm Making Phones Again in China

After weeks of bad news about its future, Palm finally has something to feel good about again. Eschewing a formal announcement – why, we wonder, considering company fortunes as of late – Palm’s VP of communications confirmed in a blog that production of the Pre resumed in China late last month. Earlier this year, the […]

Gray Market iPhones Heat Up China

The iPhone will officially come to mainland China later this year, though analysts say not to expect huge numbers of sales. But judging from the thirst for unofficial, jailbroken phones among the Chinese, analysts might be surprised. China, with its 687 million subscribers, is a large, lucrative target for Apple Inc., considering that the country […]

China Blocks Bing, Twitter for Tiananmen Anniversary

It’s been 20 years ago Thursday that the brutal crackdown in Tiananmen Square happened, and China, for one, would rather not talk about it. In fact, the Chinese government is trying to make sure no one else does, either, by blocking sites like Twitter, Flickr and even Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine. What happened at […]

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