Energy Presents New Frontier for Telcos

Allying telecom to energy services sounds like an alluring combination. The problem is, its been tried repeatedly over the last two decades, often with mixed results.

PAETEC Looks to Energy Biz

IT EXPO — Saying that the future of energy and communications are inextricably linked, PAETEC (PAET) CEO Arunas Chesonis laid out a vision for the future of his company as a major player in energy consulting and renewable energy funding during his keynote address at the IT EXPO in Los Angeles. “We’ve got customers who are […]

Arunas Chesonis

THEN: At the beginning of 1987, Arunas Chesonis was the systems engineering manager at Rochester Telephone with responsibility for their 52 central office switches. We were about halfway through converting the network to 5ESS from older analog switches, he says. My boss, Tan Ganatra, had just left to go to a company called ACC to […]

PAETEC CEO: ‘We Need to Work Better Together’

“We need to work better together,” said Arunas Chesonis, CEO of PAETEC Communications Inc., in his keynote yesterday, addressing an audience of competitive providers. “We are just a small part of the telecom universe,” he said. “We should do more work together. …We are not each other’s real competition.” Chesonis, who has been in the […]

PAETEC CEO Chesonis to Opine on CLEC Resurgence Letterman-Style

Arunas Chesonis is the man of the hour. His company, 8-year-old PAETEC Communications (Booth 407), has just announced that it will acquire fellow CLEC US LEC, creating a billion-dollar Super Tier 2 provider, rivaling XO Communications Inc. (Booth 715) and the would-be combination of Time Warner Telecom Inc.-Xspedius, another recently announced CLEC deal. Chesonis serves […]

From Drab to Glam, Agents Get a Makeover

Though some agents could use a consultation with a style guru, today’s makeover session is all business. Inspired by the then-new cable TV show, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," PAETEC CEO Arunas Chesonis proposed last September a panel that would train the scrutiny of channel experts on channel sales organizations in need of a […]

PaeTec, NAS Partner To Provide DSL Services

Posted: 11/1999 PaeTec, NAS Partner To Provide DSL Services Sterling, Va.-based Network Access Solutions (NAC) and Fairport, N.Y.-based PaeTec Communications Inc. have signed a contract in which PaeTec will provide NAC’s CopperNet digital subscriber line (DSL) service throughout the Northeast. The two-year contract is valued between $6 million and $10 million. The partnership positions PaeTec […]

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