UDP, MasterCard RPPS Offer New Electronic Payment Service

Teaming with MasterCard RPPS, UDP has introduced an accounts receivables service that helps customers electronically post received payments more quickly, accurately and securely. The telecom billing company has aligned with MasterCard RPPS to provide customers with this efficient and cost-effective service called E-POST. Today, millions of people in the United States pay their bills online […]

Pioneer Launches Agent Promotion

Long-distance service provider Pioneer Telephone (Booth 201) has launched a new agent promotion for 2006. Agents will earn a 50 percent bonus on $5,000 or more in new billings; a 75 percent bonus on $25,000 or more in new billings; a 100 percent bonus on $50,000 or more in new billings; and a 200 percent […]

Checks & Balances

WHILE MOBILE OPERATORS ARE beginning to create more attractive rate packages for volume enterprise buyers, by and large wireless services are an expensive proposition for most companies. And even if the company starts out with a cost-effective plan, it isnt long before they are paying more than they should. Over time, buying policies change, phones […]

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