Posted: 3/2004 Mobile Mini-Movies Attendees at this months CTIA Wireless 2004 conference in Atlanta can view entries into the second annual The Worlds Smallest Film Festival. Sponsored by Los Angeles-based Big- Digit Inc., the festival was introduced last year to showcase very short films (no longer than 2 minutes), animation and music videos on mobile […]

Is Antislamming Enforcement Shifting to States?

Posted: 07/2002 Is Antislamming Enforcement Shifting to States? IF YOU BELIEVE RECENT REPORTS, YOU might be tempted to think it’s safe to slam. The level of fines the FCC issues for slamming has taken a big drop. On the other hand, recent FCC fine levels are the natural outcome of a process it has been […]

Wholesale: BLECs Cautioned: Know Your Tenants Before Playing with Fiber

Posted: 02/2001 BLECs Cautioned: Know Your Tenants Before Playing with Fiber By Josh Long In a nation where copper and incumbents reign, unlighted fiber can satiate in-building carriers starving for savvy applications and the flexibility to layer enhanced services in the future. Of course, in-building carriers must secure the clientele–and bandwidth demand–to justify a dark […]

Self-Directed Solutions

Posted: 02/2001 Self-Directed Solutions Customer Service Ills Hinder Telecom Online Buying By Becky Bracken Telecommunications service providers haven’t mastered selling services online, even though customers want to move purchasing and service management to the Internet. They’re begging for it in fact. Lackluster online customer service remains a huge obstacle for carriers to overcome. But there […]

Wholesale Metro IP Gets "GigE-boost"

Posted: 12/2000 Wholesale Metro IP Gets "GigE-boost" By Khali Henderson This month, IP Networks Inc. ( turns up its 300-mile Gigabit IP backbone in Northern California, joining an emerging group of wholesalers gobbling up dark fiber to offer fast pipes for a fraction of the cost. IP Networks and its competitors (see "Select Gigabit IP […]

Election 2000

Posted: 10/2000 Election 2000 What’s in It for the Telecom Industry? By Kim Sunderland In May, FCC ( Commissioner Michael Powell blasted Chairman William E. Kennard and his democratic colleagues over their support of a "new" White House initiative aimed at providing affordable phone service to American Indians living on reservations.Saying he was “sincerely troubled” […]

Opcenter: Are You Ready for Virtual Distribution?

Posted: 06/2000 Are You Ready for Virtual Distribution? By James Olsen It’s no secret the rush to jump on the IP bandwagon fuels the unprecedented rate of change in today’s communications industry. Less obvious is the impact IP technology has in making distribution as virtual as the networks and services delivered. Subscribers want instant access […]

Romancing the Phone

Posted: 06/2000 Romancing the Phone By Graham Seabrook It is very easy to underestimate the power and reach of the traditional phone system. We are all familiar with how to connect successfully to just about anyone in the world–finding, keeping and dialing phone numbers; working with human and automated attendants to locate the called party; […]

Free Internet Access Hits the Ground Running

Posted: 02/1999 Free Internet Access Hits the Ground Running By Jennifer Knapp As Vienna, Va.-based Cable and Wireless Inc. made its November debut in the U.S. Internet market with a $14.95 per month dial-up service on par with AT&T Corp.’s WorldNet service and Sprint Corp.’s EarthLink service, smaller startups began challenging the monthly fee paradigm […]

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