Round Table

Posted: 3/2004 ON AT&TS PETITION WITH THE FCC ASKING FOR A DECLARATORY RULING THAT LONG-DISTANCE VOIP IS EXEMPT FROM ACCESS CHARGES The FCCs ruling on the AT&T petition must draw a bright line between traffic/applications where access charges and USF contributions will apply and those where they will not during the period that the VoIP […]

Get Ready for the Collapse of Traditional Access Charges

Posted: 1/2004 Get Ready for the Collapse of Traditional Access Charges By Allen Long Over the last two decades, changes in the telecommunications industry have strained the traditional access charge structure to the breaking point. This structure is likely to collapse during the next two years, and savvy service providers should prepare now for this […]

Round Table

Posted: 10/2003 … ON ALLEGATIONS MCI ILLEGALLY AVOIDED PAYING ACCESS CHARGES BY CONCEALING THE ORIGIN OF PHONE CALLS CLAIMS THAT ARE THE FOCUS OF A U.S. ATTORNEYS OFFICE INVESTIGATION. [MCIs] scheme … improperly unloaded millions of dollars of debtors operating expense upon AT&T, and allowed debtors to continue understating and misrepresenting their true financial position […]

TAG: It is All in the Audit

Posted: 9/2003 It is All in the Audit How to Win at Competitive Bids By Missy Mastel We all agree there are few new customers for phone service. About 99 percent of the time, you are competing against incumbent carriers when you look to sell new business. So how do you let prospects know you […]

Ebbers, Former WorldCom Brass Had Total Autonomy, Say Reports

Bernie Ebbers and other former top executives at WorldCom Inc. ruled the phone giant as lords who concealed a massive accounting fraud from their auditor, bullied underlings who questioned their tactics and approved multibillion dollar acquisitions in a matter of hours or minutes without a shred of paper presented to the board of directors, according […]

Higher Power

Posted: 04/2002 Higher Power Baby Bells Intensify Probe of Inaccurate Reporting By Josh LongCOMPETITORS NEED TO BE CAREFUL how they report the percentage of intrastate long-distance traffic terminating on the incumbent’s network. The Baby Bells may not be the only ones watching.After a 14-month FBI-led investigation, Texas-based NTS Communications has agreed to pay Southwestern Bell […]

Same Zoo, Different Animals

Posted: 12/2001 Same Zoo, Different Animals LEC Billers Cast Wider, Finer Net For Lost Revenue, New Opportunities By Peter Lambert What’s a clearinghouse provider to do when the community it has been serving shrinks with consolidation?In the case of local exchange carrier (LEC) billing clearinghouse providers, part of the answer lies with some consolidation of […]

Wholesale – Storm Protection

Posted: 07/2001 Wholesale Channel Storm Protection Difficult Financial Times, Uncertain Regulatory Climate Make Resale-to-UNE-P Switch a Profit-Building Option By Kim Sunderland The much-heralded unbundled network element platform (UNE-P) provides a basic network platform that many industry sources say can support multiple business plans and pricing strategies successfully. Unfortunately, a growing number of experts believe federal […]

Regulatory News – Intercarrier Compensation Controversy Grows in Importance

Posted: 04/2001 Intercarrier Compensation Controversy Grows in Importance By Kim Sunderland The FCC ( is caught between a rock and hard place over getting involved in intercarrier compensation issues such as reciprocal compensation and access charges. "The parties have all asked us to get involved," said Dorothy Attwood, chief of the FCC’s Common Carrier Bureau (, […]

CALLS-driven Rates Unrealized

Posted: 01/2001 CALLS-driven Rates Unrealized In the Coalition for Affordable Local and Long Distance Service (CALLS) proposal announced last summer, a promise seemingly was made that consumers would see their rates reduced. The original intent of the CALLS was to re-examine access charges and to work out a fair structure for fees between long-distance and […]

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