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Peeling Away the Insulation

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO PHONE+ and xchange magazines have a variety of eBooks and Webinars available to industry for no charge. One sponsored by Verio, A Telco Survival Guide for the Web 2.0 World, is an interesting read. We live in an age where there is TOO much information. Information overload can happen. But there […]

Vantage Communications Unveils Commission Plan

IP telephony provider Vantage Communications has unveiled its new Profit Booster Commission Plan for its channel partners. The Profit Booster program is an exclusive Vantage Solution Provider (VSP) commission program that guarantees 50 percent-plus profit margins when selling a complete Vantage IP (VIP) Service solution that includes Cisco hardware, SMARTnet service and VSP installation. In […]

What to Look for in a Master Agent

With low barriers to entry, anyone who signs a contract directly with a service provider can call themselves a master agent. While this is technically true, from my experience, it is much better for most agents to align with one master agent compared with trying to be successful at both selling services directly to end […]

What to Look for in a Channel Program

Indirect sales partners must evaluate many criteria before entering into a distribution agreement with a supplier. These include the viability of the vendors product in the market, the companys financial stability and how easy it is to do business with the company. This last point brings up a host of considerations that partners should look […]

Impressions From ISPCON

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO While walking the floor at ISPCON, I notice that besides the CALEA vendors looking to sell their boxes (oops, solutions), many of the other exhibitors are really looking for partners. Not customers. Not agents. Partners. Call the relationship what it is – vendor-client – but the fact that the sales pitch […]

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