Desperation Is the Mother of Inspiration

Everyone has been there at one time or another — the cold sweats or the sickening of the stomach when presented with a challenge that seems totally overwhelming. The initial shock, the process of questioning how could this be happening. Why did this happen to me? What am I going to do? And for some, […]

Finding True North When Things Seem to Be Going South

Whether you are in Houston or Moscow, the business world has changed. While the economy may trend up and down, change is a factor that stays consistent. Even if your business is currently suffering, when it returns to the good times, the industry will not be like it was during the last period of prosperity. […]

Next-Gen Interconnection and the Challenges that Lie Ahead

The issue of carrier interconnection rules related to managed IP networks for VoIP seems to be heating up. The bottom line is that competitive carriers with IP-based networks want to be able to interconnect with ILECs via IP rather than having to convert traffic back to TDM. Thats because doing an IP-to-TDM conversion creates the […]

Verizon Wireless Challenges FCC Over Open Access

Verizon Wireless has filed a petition in the U.S. Court of Appeals against the FCC, to challenge open-access rules attached to the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction. The open-access requirements are mandated for 22MHz worth of the licenses that are up for grabs in the January auction, under an FCC decision made last month. Essentially, this […]

Ericsson CEO: Acquisition-Fueled Firm Faces Challenges

Broadening its portfolio of products and services beyond building base stations for wireless operators has presented daunting challenges for global networking giant Ericsson as it reels in a few big-time acquisitions. In an interview with xchange online, Ericsson President and CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg admitted his company has had limited success selling managed services to U.S. […]

IMS Forum on a Mission to Educate

Perhaps no topic has been hotter this year than IMS, a network architecture and services framework that enables service providers to offer consumers new blended applications and services across any wireline or wireless network, to any device. Learn how to cut through the spin and the jargon during the IMS Forums conference program on Monday, […]

Global Capacity Group Launches Agent Program

Global Capacity Group Inc. (GCG), which delivers wholesale network services to carriers and large enterprises, has launched a nationwide telecommunications agent program. The company said the program will couple an aggressive commission structure with products including Layer 2 Ethernet service, MPLS VPNs and  managed network monitoring services that include CPE. More enterprises are “looking for technical […]

CTIA, Wi-Fi Alliance Team to Certify Converged Handsets

The Wi-Fi Alliance has teamed with CTIA The Wireless Association to develop and promote certification programs for converged Wi-Fi/mobile handsets. The groups said on Thursday they will create test programs for overlapping aspects of converged Wi-Fi/mobile phones. They initially will focus on radio frequency (RF) performance mapping in a mixed network environment. Future work will […]

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