Higher Calling

Higher Calling The beauty of hosted call center technology is deceptively simple: In a world with a high commoditization of network services, the hosted contact center lets agents and VArs move up the value chain, reduce attrition and become resources that customers ask to address real business needs.

No Quarter

TELECOM OPERATORS HAVE BEEN given no quarter when it comes to revenue leakage. While C-level oversight and more enterprise-wide initiatives for revenue assurance have brought the concept out of the nether regions of the IT department and into the financial limelight, problems arising from the rollout of next-gen services are an enemy that has no […]

The DIY Dream, Deferred

MAYBE ITS PART OF THE RUGGED individual, American Dream ethos, but very few of us can resist the opportunity to do things ourselves. Whether its putting in a new kitchen or learning how to knit, DIY is hot. Resellers and master agents are on top of the trend, implementing self-provisioning and self-management for their own […]


Back-office permutations are afoot in mobile. Data content and applications are a new source of revenue and profit as device and network technology maturity have continued to broaden the scope of services available to mobile handsets. At the same time, carrier processes and infrastructure are struggling with increased complexity, particularly since the business processes often […]

Free Users from Hosting’s Ball & Chain

Residual commissions from Internet bandwidth and voice continue to decline, despite a steady, if not growing, amount of usage those services experience, prompting telecom agents to look to additional income opportunities. One answer is to sell Web hosting. A company needs Web hosting when it has too small a staff to oversee its Web site […]

Playing by Darwin’s Rules

Not much has changed in telecom services when it comes to carrier hotels and colos. Not much, that is, except for VoIP, a technology that seems to be the missing link in the evolutionary telecom chain. VoIP is causing prolific adaptation in the industry, including the decommissioning or upgrading of metal circuit switches; equipment consolidation; […]

AM-BEO Rolls Out nSettlement

AM-BEO Ltd. has rolled out nSettlement, a product designed to address the complexities of partner management and revenue allocation in the digital content industry. AM-BEO announced it at Billing and OSS World 2004. The delivery of content services, such as games, ring tones and news require revenue-sharing arrangements between service providers, portals, online advertisers and […]

Features: Know the Flow

Posted: 2/2002 Know the Flow Supply Chain Management Closes the Loop with Service Delivery Management By Peter Lambert  Can a network service provider’s right hand ever really know what the left hand is doing?For the majority of service providers, hobbled by disconnected “silos” of mutually inaccessible information, the answer is a resounding, “No!” With dozens […]

E-Channel: Online Supply Chain Cuts Costs, Enhances Customer Care

Posted: 02/2001 Online Supply Chain Cuts Costs, Enhances Customer Care By Becky Bracken In the highly competitive world of telecommunications, there is little more important than quality customer service and reduction in capital spending. Xelus Inc. (, a services optimization company that provides online supply chain management solutions for telecommunications firms, may have something that […]

Trading Desk: News Briefs

Posted: 12/2000 News Briefs * Commodity buyers will use e-marketplaces increasingly to control raw materials’, according to a new Forrester Research Inc. ( report, "Reining in Commodity Costs." Research analysts say that while most commodity marketplaces can’t muster the volume required to create Nasdaq-style exchanges, the information flowing from them empowers purchasers to lower supply […]

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