PHONE+ Announces First CSP Certified Graduates

PHONE+ HONORS THE FIRST graduates of the new Converged Solutions Provider Certification Program at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, March 1, at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Ben Henkels, CEO for managed service provider Henkels Holdings of Idaho, and Christy Green, outside sales representative for agency Cory Communications Inc. in […]

Alvarion Releases Public Safety Platform

Alvarion Ltd. today announced the commercial availability of its BreezeACCESS 4900, a 4.9GHz wireless broadband platform designed for the U.S. public safety market. Its available through Alvarion partners nationwide. The 4900 has been trialed throughout the country and installed for various live public safety applications such as VoIP, traffic light management and remote video surveillance […]

CommPartners Certifies Companies CPE with its Services

Wholesale IP operator CommPartners said this week it has certified CPE from providers including Adtran, CITEL, Quintum, Sipura Technology and UTStarcom. CommPartners certification program includes lab testing, field-deployed testing, and overall feature and functionality testing. The company so far has certified the CITELlink SIP gateway, which customers can use with CommPartners hosted IP telephony services; […]

Telamon Corp. Celebrates 21st Anniversary

Telamon Corp. (Booth 1159), a technology outsourcing provider, celebrates its 21st anniversary, the company is announcing at the TELECOM 05 show. The company works with telecom carriers, business-to-business applications, enterprises, OEMs, and the automotive and retail industries. Throughout the last 20 years, Telamon has diversified its portfolio to include a number of services, such as […]

PHONE+ Unveils Certification Site, Program

PHONE+ magazine today introduced its training and certification site, CSP Certified, a sister portal to the new Converged Solutions Providers (CSP) Network. CSP Certified offers the industry a new brand of training to help partners become successful converged solutions providers. The curriculum, presented by PHONE+, CSP Network and training experts IPXConnect and Telecom Solution Center, […]

Become CSP Certified!

Converged Solutions Provider Certification training is a primary component of the CSP Network value proposition for converged solutions providers. Here is a sneak peek at the course curriculum. For more information, visit CSP Network or www.cspcertified.com. Become a card-carrying professional. Classes begin in October. Sign up today! SALES TRACK: Module 1: Seven Attributes of Successful […]

T@G Master Agent Certification Program

Introduction The telecom distribution channel is thriving and evolving. Over time, a unique player has emerged in the master agent. Its definition, however, has been a moving target. Everyone has opinions but few can agree on what characteristics are common to the modern master agent. Given this, T@G — the PHONE+ Partner Portal has sought […]

What is a T@G Certified Master Agency?

A T@G Certified Master Agency has proven to an independent third-party that it meets the following criteria: Exhibit Experience and Stability Operate a Multitier Organizational Structure Maintain Direct Contracts with Multiple Suppliers Maintain Back-Office Technology in Support of Agents and Carriers Back-Office Non-Sales Staff in Support of Agents and Carriers Provide Training Support to Agents […]

T@G Master Agent Certification Program

PHONE+ and its T@G Partner Portal are rolling out the telecom industrys first master agent certification program in order to bring clarity to the definition of this unique player in the distribution channel. The definition of a master agent has been a moving target, says Marla Ellerman, group publisher of PHONE+. Everyone has opinions but […]

Pioneer Pioneers Reseller Program

Pioneer Telephone (Booth 609) has introduced Pioneer Express, which provides network, provisioning, billing and regulatory services in a turnkey package. The company says agents using Pioneer Express expedites the start-up process and minimizes the initial costs of becoming a telecom reseller. Many agents have a very loyal customer base and have enough revenue to make […]

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