Treasury Department Repeals Excise Tax on Long-Distance Calls

The U.S. Treasury Department said on Thursday it would concede the legal fight over the federal excise tax on long-distance telephone service, and require the IRS to issue refunds to consumers and businesses for proceeds paid over the past three years. The 3 percent tax originally was established in 1898 as a “luxury” tax on […]

21st Century Technology Meets Old-Fashioned Customer Value

Channel partners are on the front lines, helping American businesses large and small transition to the communications platform of the 21st century. As part of this Campaign for Convergence, partners need to rally around basic customer values support, service and savings. That’s the focus of the educational program at the upcoming Fall 2006 Channel Partners […]

Round Table

ON RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE NATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION ADMINISTRATION, THE PRINCIPAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS ADVISOR TO PRESIDENT BUSH, TO BETTER MANAGE SPECTRUM IN THE 21ST CENTURY. “The President recognizes the critical need of a sound spectrum policy. Consistent direction and rational planning will be a tremendous asset to the wireless industry.” - CTIA president and CEO Steve Largent […]

Mediation Remains Key to Next-Generation Networks

Posted: 05/2000 Mediation Remains Key to Next-Generation Networks By Charlotte Wolter The platforms sometimes called “mediation switches” were pioneers in the movement toward call control using software and generic computing platforms that have culminated in what now is called a softswitch.This original softswitch was a highly flexible call control solution that usually was structured as […]

21st Century Commerce Hubs

Posted: 04/2000 21st Century Commerce Hubs Teleports Help Carriers, ISPs Go Global By James R. Dukart Teleports–they may sound like something out of “The Jetsons" or “Star Trek,” but chances are one is being built somewhere near you. The savvy carrier who offers advanced telecom services in the coming years is best advised to find […]

A Sentimental Journey … Into the Future

Posted: 12/1998 A Sentimental Journey … Into the Future As I sit down to address this letter, I am torn over what to talk about. Access reform. Slamming. Election results. Each current. Each controversial. Yet, my thoughts keep coming back to one thing–my grandmother, Edith Smith LaBronte Cox. She died yesterday; she was 89. She […]

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