Posted: 02/1999 The PICC Lost Revenue for IXCs? By Thomas K. Crowe, Esq. Recovering the primary interexchange carrier charge (PICC) from end users is becoming increasingly problematic for interexchange carriers (IXCs). Since its adoption, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has struggled to put rules in place that permit IXCs to pass the charge through to […]

Dial-Around Compensation Services Arrive for Both Sides of the Coin

Posted: 02/1999 Dial-Around Compensation Services Arrive for Both Sides of the Coin By Jennifer Knapp Dial-around compensation (DAC)–the reimbursement of payphone service providers (PSPs) for dial-around and toll-free calls placed at a payphone–has been a reality for more than two years. While the Federal Communica-tions Commission (FCC) has determined how much–28.4 cents–carriers and calling card […]

The Buck Stops Where?

Posted: 02/1998 The Buck Stops Where? By Debera Bell-Beam The cost of payphone compensation has begun its run down the telecom food chain. The payout, however, earmarked for payphone owners, remains elusive and locked in litigation as lawyers and judges hammer out what fair compensation means in dollars and cents. The Personal Communications Industry Association […]

Unfair At Any Price?

Posted: 12/1997 Unfair At Any Price? The Continuing Struggle Over Payphone Compensation By Kathleen Franklin Payphones are not a particularly sexy issue unless you associate them with Clark Kent’s famous phone booth costume changes. Nevertheless, in two rulings issued in early October, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided two important issues that will have a […]

Former AT&T Vice President Virginia DwyerPasses Away

Posted: 11/1997 Former AT&T Vice President Virginia Dwyer Passes Away NEW YORK–Virginia A. Dwyer, former AT&T senior vice president of finance, passed away Sept. 29 at the age of 76. During her 43-year career with AT&T, Dwyer played a major role in many of AT&T’s financial activities. Before the breakup of the Bell System, Dwyer […]

What to Do When The Big Three Beats Your Price

Posted: 11/1997 What to Do When The Big Three Beats Your Price A Working Example By Dan Baldwin Every month in this column we talk about the best ways for agents to sell long distance. We suggest that the best way to do this is to go after "Big Three" (AT&T, MCI and Sprint) customers […]

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