WebDialogs Announces New Agent Program

WebDialogs Inc. (Booth 407), a provider of online meeting and communication technologies, at The Channel Partners Conference & Expo announces its new agent program, which allows qualified agents to sell the Meeting Central family of conferencing solutions. This is a tremendous value-added offering for organizations that sell complementary products such as phone services and equipment, […]

OnFiber Targets Underserved Central Offices

OnFiber Communications says it is offering service to underserved central offices (COs). The company will combine the resources of multiple carriers to give carrier customers an alternative to purchasing directly from the ILEC.We wanted to help competitive carriers deal with the continuing challenge of the elimination of UNE-P, says Thom Sumbler, vice president of business […]

Covad Looks to Samsung for Line-Powered Voice Equipment

Covad Communications Group Inc. said this week it has chosen Samsung Telecommunications America as the provider of new central office equipment for Covad’s line-powered voice access. The technology enables Covad to offer basic local and long-distance voice services, along with high-speed Internet and, eventually, video over DSL. Line-powered voice access combines the usability of traditional […]

TelePacific Expands Service Footprint for Telepartners

TelePacific Communications (Booths 225-227) is expanding its local market coverage across California in 2005, which allows TelePacific and its agents to serve an even greater number of business customers with local and long-distance voice, dedicated Internet access, private networking and data transport services as well as bundled voice and Internet solutions. The expansion will increase […]

Bells Authorized to Increase Wholesale Rates on Business Lines

It should be a matter of simple math. But everybodys numbers dont always add up the same. The biggest local phone companies have submitted figures to the FCC that correspond to benchmarks the agency released in a December ruling. The benchmarks determine under what circumstances the local phone giants are freed from obligations to lease […]

Virtual Back Office Software Offers Prepaid Module

Virtual Back Office Software Inc. (Booth 516) now offers its Pre-Paid Central module. The feature allows local service providers to run a pre-paid UNE-P/resale service in addition to the post-paid local, long-distance, data, VoIP and wireless services already available through the standard VBOS suite. VBOS concentrated its efforts with Pre-Paid Central on automating the acquisition, […]

3PV Weathers Hurricane Charley

3PV – Third Party Verification (Booth 316) is showcasing disaster-recovery planning at the CompTel/ASCENT Fall show by using real-life experience gleaned from surviving Hurricane Charley, which ripped through southern and central Florida in August, causing damage with an estimated cost of at least $15 billion. A Category 4 hurricane packs winds in excess of 131 […]

US Signal Expands Fiber Network

US Signal (Booth 510), a full-service fiber-optic solutions provider, has expanded its lit network into Lansing, Mich. with the addition of a 50-route-mile SONET ring and four new central office locations. The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based provider says the move into Michigans capital city came in direct response to increasing customer demand for greater capacity and […]

VBOS Releases Prepaid Module

Virtual Back Office Software (Booth 407) has added the Pre-Paid Central module for all users of the Virtual Business and Operations Support System (VBOSS), a Web-based solution for automated carrier billing, provisioning, reporting and customer service. The feature allows local service providers to support a prepaid service based on traditional resale or the Unbundled Network […]

Round Table

…ON AT&T CORP.’S PROPOSAL TO PROVIDE CONSUMERS LOCAL PHONE SERVICE OVER ITS OWN SWITCHED NETWORK IN EXCHANGE FOR LOWER WHOLESALE RATES ON THE REGIONAL BELLS WIRES CONNECTING HOMES TO TELEPHONE CENTRAL OFFICES. “If the Bell companies accept this offer, the industry’s leaders can turn confrontation into conciliation by solving one of the most significant controversies […]

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