Opcenter: When the Phones Won’t Stop Ringing

Posted: 09/1999 When the Phones Won’t Stop Ringing By James R. Dukart Ironically, one of the worst things that can happen to a small or medium-sized competitive carrier is that its phones start ringing off the hook. Ringing off the hook, that is, because a flood of new clients needs a variety of services a […]

Carriers, Customers Connect Via ‘Click-Here’Care

Posted: 08/1999 Carriers, Customers Connect Via ‘Click-Here’ Care By Susan Helen Moran Under a spring agreement with Just In Time Solutions, San Francisco, AT&T Corp. is poised to offer its 70 million residential customers web-based billing and customer care. With this move, the long distance giant will transform what was once a differentiator for smaller […]

Business News – Voice Takes DSL Center Stage at SUPERCOMM ’99

Posted: 08/1999 Voice Takes DSL Center Stage at SUPERCOMM ’99 By Peter Lambert Over the past year, national digital subscriber line (DSL) competitive carriers have established a model for reselling high-speed local transport to Internet service providers (ISPs), enabling the latter to offer Internet access speeds more than 100 times faster than dial-up Internet access. […]

Public Interest Debate Moves to Center Stage

Posted: 11/1998 Public Interest Debate Moves to Center Stage By Carol L. Bowers With the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) closer than ever to satisfying the Telecom-munications Act of 1996’s 14-point checklist for in-region long distance entry, the debate is about to shift from whether they’ve satisfied the law’s requirements to whether it would be […]

10 Tips for Improved Customer Service

Posted: 10/1998 10 Tips for Improved Customer Service Test-drive your competition. How do you stack up? By Peggy Moretti Recent findings indicate that telecommunications service providers can ill-afford to be complacent when it comes to providing customer care. According to J.D. Power and Associates’ 1998 Residential Local Telephone Service Satisfaction Study, most of the independent […]

Ins & Outs of Call Center Outsourcing

Posted: 09/1998 Ins & Outs of Call Center Outsourcing By Ken Branson As the competitive seas are overrun, long distance companies are crowding on canvas and lightening ship. Anything that isn’t a "core competency" or "strategic" or can be done more efficiently by someone else may be dropped over the corporate gunwale. This includes call […]

Back Office Takes Center Stage

Posted: 06/1998 Back Office Takes Center Stage Maintaining Your Billing Process–and Your Cool–is Easier Said than Done By Peter Meade A recent survey revealed that 36 percent of responding resellers were "largely dissatisfied" with their current billing system. Worse yet, the survey conducted by Young Communications Inc. found an even larger number of respondents feel […]

What is Web-based Customer Care?

Posted: 05/1998 Cyber Care Web-Enabled Call Centers Could Cut Costs, Improve Service for Telephone Companies By Khali Henderson Tel-Save’s high-profile 9-cents per-minute long distance offering through America Online has been an ideal and dramatic example of the value of using the Internet to acquire customers and bill them in a low-cost and high-tech way. Once […]

Product News

Posted: 09/1997 Product News Access Communications Releases AccessAbility 4.5 KAILUA, Hawaii–Access Communications Inc. has released AccessAbility 4.5, an upgraded version of its current billing program. Michael Colbert, president and CEO of Access Communications, says, "AccessAbility utilizes Windows-based client server billing applications with a complete integrated sales and management, bidirectional switch interfacing." AccessAbility now features over […]

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