Is Wireless Service Telecom’s New ‘Air’Apparent?

Posted: 04/1999 Is Wireless Service Telecom’s New ‘Air’ Apparent? Will New Creative Pricing Schemes for Cellular, PCS Services Threaten Landline’s Reign? By Jennifer Knapp Illustration by Ben Folkertsma For more than 15 years, competitive providers of cellular service have competed fiercely against their wired cousins. Convenience has been their trump card. And while anywhere communications […]

Resale Report

Posted: 09/1997 Resale Report Prepaid Wireless: Add Another Arrow to Your Quiver By Debera Bell-Beam Despite huge revenue growth_$4.6 billion from 1995 to year-end 1996_only 17 percent of the U.S. population subscribes to a wireless service, according to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). Wireless already serves 50 million customers, but with about 30 percent […]


Posted: 09/1997 PCS It’s Personal By Debera Bell-Beam The next generation of mobile phone service is personal. The idea is communications regardless of location–people roaming freely with personal numbers assigned to them rather than phones and "find me" call completion that tracks down anyone, anywhere (just about, any way). Well, maybe not. It all depends […]

Marketing Prepaid Wireless to TheCredit-Challenged

Posted: 09/1997 Marketing Prepaid Wireless to The Credit-Challenged By Mary E. Stanhope Marketing to the credit-challenged is a key part of a successful prepaid cellular service offering. It is important to market prepaid cellular service as a standard service offering, as the credit-disadvantaged will not likely respond positively to a hidden service that makes them […]

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