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2 Out of 3 Fear Being Phoneless

First coined in 2008, "nomophobia" is taking hold of people at an alarming rate. Two out of three people surveyed say they fear losing or being without their cell phone.

Smartphone Users Focus on Security, Not Call Quality

Sixty-eight percent of people surveyed said keeping information secure is the most important thing their wireless carrier can do, while 52 percent said maintaining service quality and reliability is most critical.

Smartphones, Android Creep Closer to Majority Status

Smartphones now make up 40 percent of the U.S. cell-phone market. Forty percent is also the magic number for the Android operating system, which runs on two of every five smartphones in America.

Americans Not Worried About Cell-Phone Cancer Risk

Despite a recently released study from the World Health Organization concerning a possible link between extensive cell-phone use and cancer, dont expect to see Americans dialing” back their addictions to their devices.

A Spicy Issue Privacy

If you want to get a rise out of me, begin by saying there is no right to privacy. As we continue to develop and adopt the next generation of convergence applications, privacy must be respected.

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