CCA: Doing Real Work In the Cloud

The CCAs goal is to bring together leading cloud communications providers to create the first high-definition enterprise voice network in the cloud. The benefit: to bring all the benefits of the cloud model to business customers, including cost and flexibility efficiencies.

Business News – High Payphone Costs Rock the Big House

Posted: 09/2000 High Payphone Costs Rock the Big House By Kim Sunderland Class action lawsuits filed in seven states allege that high prison payphone and collect calling rates are robbing blind the people prisoners are calling.In a classic story reminiscent of “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” attorneys contend the higher rates are fueled partly by […]

Off the Wall

Posted: 10/1999 Off the Wall A Roundup of Cool Public Communications Stuff A payphone is a payphone is a payphone. Well … not anymore. We’ve found some pretty cool new payphone stuff. Take a look at this "off-the-wall" product roundup. Coke ‘n’ Call On Trial Telstra Corp., Sydney, Australia, and Coca Cola Amatil (CCA) joined […]

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